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Zara enters the metaverse with Ader Error collaboration

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Zara x Ader Error

As the metaverse continues to expand, more and more fashion brands are throwing themselves into the digital world. Spanish retailer Zara is the most recent to do so, in a collaborative project alongside South Korean fashion brand, Ader Error.

The flagship brand of the Inditex Group has come together with Ader Error to launch the AZ Collection, “a project that reflects on the ability of language to express ideas, give rise to other ways of thinking, and create new cultures”. The collaborative collection looks to redefine a new generation based on the uniqueness of individuals developed through personal experiences in both the real world and the virtual one, ultimately forming what they call “Generation AZ”.

The name, AZ, refers to the letters in the alphabet and corresponds to the names of the two collaborators, with a press release stating the duo is “organically connected to bring new ideas, philosophies and cultures to life”. These conceptions are implemented into the designs, each of which aims to collide the two identities of the brands.

Image: Zara x Ader Error
Image: Zara x Ader Error

Ader Error added: “We believe in the endlessness of time continuing from the past to the present and the future without limiting the concept of beginning and end. After all, the beginning and the end are endless, repetitive, and organic phenomena. What is always with us is our life. This is expressed as #InfiniteZigzag.”

The genderless collection

The main artwork used throughout the pieces includes the co-branded alphabet motif, forming the collection’s main logo that brings the two brands together into one. The deep blue logo appears in many of the garments, alongside a neutral colour theme that contrasts with warmer tones, such as toffee and orange.

Developed as a genderless collection, the line consists of oversized puffer coats, jumpers, cotton logo t-shirts, two pairs of jeans and three models of trainers. Several shirts, suits and coats are also included, with tailored styles shown through defined silhouettes and animated doodles. Accessories play a definitive part in the collection, with the likes of crossbody bags, backpacks, woollen hats and long scarves further adding to the dysfunctional design aesthetic explored.

Image: Zara x Ader Error
Image: Zara x Ader Error

The launch into the metaverse

The AZ collection is available to shop both online and at selected stores in South Korea, Spain, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Italy, the US, China and Japan. However, alongside its physical release, the line will also be extended into the virtual world through the social media platform, Zepeto.

Zepeto has previously launched with the likes of Gucci and Ralph Lauren, releasing virtual collections designed for users’ avatars. It marks the first step into the new digital landscape for Zara and will allow Zepeto users to purchase clothes from the collection, as well as virtual make-up, from the Ader Error x Zara store.

Ader Error, on the other hand, has been known for its futuristic-like designs, previously creating a collection inspired by the popular arcade game Space Invaders.

Image: Zara x Ader Error
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