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ZOEtees teams up with Gwyneth Paltrow for charity

By FashionUnited


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French fashion label ZOEtees has enlisted the help of Gwyneth Paltrow to collaborate on a new clothing rage to support children's charity Kids Company.

The actress is set to collaborate with upmarket jersey maker ZOEtee's to create a capsule collection of seven pieces which will reference Gwyneth's personal styling to produce T-shirts, dresses and leggings.

"Gwyneth's style fits perfectly with the brand," Laure Pariente, creative director of ZOEtee's told Vogue.com: "She knows how to mix basics and give jersey a stylish edge."

ZOEtee's Loves Gwyneth Paltrow will be released for autumn/winter 2009-10 and all proceeds will be donated to the charity, of which Paltrow has been an avid supporter. Kids Company is a charity based out of London that offers practical, emotional and education support to vulnerable inner-city children and young people, in particular those with severe emotional, behavioral and social difficulties, resulting from significant experiences of trauma and neglect.

Kids Company