In the latest episode of ‘Where Brains Meets Beauty’ the CEO and founder of ‘Talk to Jess’, Jess Weiner, is brought on to discuss the change happening within the business world and the corporate responsibility of companies to stand for something they believe in to engage and understand the consumer's […]

CEO of Ipsy, Marcelo Camberos, said he hoped the Covid-19 pandemic would allow Ipsy to become “a bigger part of members’ lives.” In the Glossy Beauty Podcast, Camberos discusses how to create added value in a business, the future of Ipsy, the development of Ipsy’s beauty brands and what the new influencer […]

Julia Hetta is a Swedish photographer and she has shot for Vogue Italia, British Vogue, AnOther Magazine, W Magazine, L’Uomo Vogue, Dazed and Confused, among many other publications. This podcast from Dior Talks discusses Hetta’s route to fashion photography and her inspiration. Listen to the 30 minute […]

Beatrace Angut Oola discussed the African fashion industry with female bosses Omoyemi Akerele and Roberta Annan on the newly launched podcast, Fashion Africa Now. With years of experience in the African fashion industry, Akerele and Annan agree there is a need for collaboration and infrastructure amongst […]

This month’s Fashion Friday podcast series by Euromonitor International examines two key trends that have emerged in the highly disruptive Hong Kong fashion market. Euromonitor International · Fashion Friday: Disruption in the Hong Kong Fashion Market As the apparel and footwear market in Hong Kong […]

In this edition of Bande à part, the two hosts discuss the first female filmmaker Alice Guy-Blaché and the writer, broadcaster, collector, costume designer, dress historian and curator Doris Langley Moore. Bande à part podcast is hosted by Courtauld Institute of Art teacher, Rebecca and curator at the […]

In this episode of Disruptors for Good, the podcast hosts Cullen Schwarz, Co-founder of DoneGood. Forbes described DoneGood most accurately as: "The Amazon for Social Good" because it aims to provide ethical and sustainable one stop shopping and an alternative to Amazon's Prime Day. Schwarz shares how […]

Jodi Bieber is a South African photographer and the winner of the Press Photo of the Year. This podcast from Dior Talks discusses Bieber's portfolio, identity and background. Bieber also provided the photography for the Dior Cruise 2020 collection. Source: Dior Talks Image: Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels […]

This month’s Fashion podcast series by Euromonitor International explores how coronavirus is impacting fashion consumers in South East Asia and what this means for the industry in the post-pandemic era. Euromonitor International · Fashion Friday: Leisure and Comfort Lead the Way in Southeast Asia’s […]

Fashion Your Seatbelt is a podcast created with the aim to share the voice, background and viewpoint of some of fashion's top players. In this episode, the host sits down with sustainable fashion designer Marine Serre to discuss her early years, how she got into fashion, and why she decided to start […]

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