Podcast - This month’s Fashion Friday podcast series by Euromonitor International explores the South Korean apparel and footwear industry and two key trends that have emerged in this market. Considered a matured industry that has stagnated, the South Korean apparel and footwear market has shown less […]

Podcast - This month’s Fashion podcast series by Euromonitor International sheds light on the menswear market, which is currently undergoing a shift. The changing views on the concept of gender and social media have fuelled trends including streetwear and sportswear, which have led brands and retailers […]

The activist Hoda Katebi speaks passionately about the 'revolution' of fashion, while the Tehran design duo Shirin and Shiva Vaqar on the VOICES 2019 defy the restrictive conditions for emerging brands in Iran.

Friday Podcast - This month’s Fashion Friday podcast series by Euromonitor International explores the underdevelopment of Japan’s natural and organic trends. Japan is a unique market where efficacy and functionality are strong selling points, especially in the beauty and food industries. In order to […]

Join Ariane Goldman as she revisits her entrepreneurial journey – which began in 2007 after leaving American Express marketing department to launch of Twobirds New York, a collection of bridesmaids dresses designed to be wrapped in over 15 ways for maximum usage while flattering women of all shapes […]

What are the main trends in the retail sector in 2020, to which one can look forward to in the new year? In a special episode of the Christmas edition two EDITED speak retail analysts, Kayla Marci and Tara Drury, about the Top Trends 2020 votes today for a new year, and learn how your retail company […]

In this podcast by Man Repeller, CFDA designer and social activist Mara Hoffman recalls her work on Women’s Work, a partnership with the non-profit advocacy group Art Not War. Through this portrait project, 25 feminists and activists served as models for Mara’s newest collection and, in the process, […]

From Tesla to Moda Operandi, Ganesh Srivats, CEO at the latter, reviews his career in this interview with Hilary Milnes from The Glossy Podcast. Srivats recalls how, after three years at Tesla, he realised the fashion industry wasn’t evolving at the pace he expected; he decided to do something about […]

Friday Podcast - In this Fashion Friday podcast series by Euromonitor International, we will have a closer look at affordable fashion in the South African apparel and footwear market. Currently estimated to be worth R184,375 million, South Africa’s apparel and footwear market has been slowly declining […]

Popular Danish fashion brand Ganni is testing new models and focusing on technology towards a more sustainable future of fashion. Key is understanding cost and thinking long-term says the brands founder Nicolai Reffstrup. Listen to this Innovators podcast about how Ganni takes financial risks and puts […]

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