Lisa Eisner joins A Different Tweed to discuss her bold designs for her eponymous jewelry brand sought after by many celebrities. However, she didn't begin with jewelry designs, Eisner moved from her hometown of Cheyenne, Wyoming to Vogue’s Paris office to become a magazine editor, then to Los Angeles […]

Fashion podcast A Different Tweed hosts Fashionopolis author Dana Thomas to discuss her book titled The Price of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes. In this edition, Thomas shares negative findings about fashion's manufacture and consumption. She also reveals the inspiration and motivation behind […]

One of the questions the Podcast series titled 'Fashion History with American Dutches' is asked most: what are your favorite fashion costuming books? On this edition of the podcast, long-time hosts Lauren and Abby narrow their lists down to their top 5 picks. Source: Fashion History with American Dutches, […]

Senior Director of Brand Innovation and Universal Beauty Products, Inc., Amy Carra, joins beauty podcast series Where Brains Meet Beauty to discuss being an entrepreneur and branding. Carra began her career in the beauty industry with a position at Revlon, where she saw colleagues “playing” with makeup […]

The 13th episode of Fashion Potluck podcast deals with Nancy Poleon, the founder and owner of BrandedU, a platform and an app can learn more about personal branding in women. The presenter will introduce Nancy in the following discussion, the most frequently asked questions about personal branding. […]

Overall, the luxury goods market is anticipated to be massively affected, as luxury is an industry that relies heavily on tourism and wealthy international buyers. As tourism flows slow, we are likely to see a long-term pause in global sales. The Euromonitor International podcast is responsible for […]

The Collectors' House podcast, an initiative of, collects and shares weekly interviews and stories with characters that inspire, from different careers and nationalities and offers them to choose 5 things (clothing, jewelry, books, etc.) that they represent and inspire. The host Danielle […]

In the 13th episode of the series, we chatted with Nancy Poleon, the Founder and Owner of BrandedU, a platform and an app where women can learn more about personal branding. The host talked to Nancy about personal branding, and asks her the most common questions regarding the topic. Fashion Potluck […]

In this edition of Fashion Your Seatbelt, American-Haitian born jewelry designer and former model, Michelle Elie expresses her love of avant-garde fashion designer, Rei Kawakubo. Elie collects, and regularly wears, pieces Kawakubo designed for her Comme des Garçons brand. In this podcast the designer […]

In part one of two the podcast "Fashion History with American Duchess, the host of this episode spends some time time talking about Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Margaret Macdonald - the husband and wife artist power couple at the turn of the 20th century, the Glasgow School of Art, and just the concept […]

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