China became the largest market for French beauty products for the first time in 2020, ahead of Germany and the US, according to new data. The country is now the leading buyer of French skincare, creams, beauty products, makeup, and lipsticks, according to France’s beauty association, the Fédération […]

Gucci Beauty has launched its digital flagship store on Tmall Luxury Pavilion, Alibaba’s dedicated platform for luxury goods. The new store connects the Italian fashion house’s products with more than 770 million Chinese consumers on Tmall, Gucci’s license partner Coty announced on Friday. It comes […]

Amazon has announced it is offering 1,000 new full-time apprenticeship roles across the UK this year. The programmes will span 25 different schemes, covering a range of skillsets, from automation engineering to broadcast production, robotics to safety technician. The company said 500 of these positions […]

UK fashion retailers saw revenues soar 124 percent higher in January compared to the same period last year, new data reveals. The surge in online spending comes as non-essential stores are still closed to the UK public. That’s according to data gathered from Salesfire’s eCommerce analytics platform, […]

Nike has launched its first sustainable basketball shoe, “Cosmic Unity,” made from 25 percent recycled content by weight. The new shoe falls under Nike’s greater sustainability plan, the “Move to Zero” initiative, which aims to only use renewable energy within all of its facilities and supply chain […]

Beauty retailer Lush is looking to reward customers to recycle their used packaging with a ‘Bring It Back’ deposit scheme to encourage shoppers to shop waste-free.  The new packaging returns initiative is like a deposit scheme, explained the retailer. The customer borrows the packaging and then they […]

Nike’s latest engineering feat comes in the form of its new shoes called GO FlyEase. The lace-free, hands-free shoe is designed to be quick and easy, with users stepping their feet into the shoe. The new technology is based on the bi-stable hinge, enabling the shoe to be secured in fully open and fully […]

Scottish Retail Consortium is warning that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic will accelerate job losses, as it calls for a national retail strategy to support the sector ahead of the Scottish Parliament elections on May 6. The trade body has published a 34-page manifesto where it reports that around […]

The government has announced plans to regulate interest-free buy-now-pay-later credit agreements by giving the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authority to protect consumers. The move comes after a government review of the unsecured credit market, led by Christopher Woolard, found potential for harm […]

UK fashion retailers face 360 million pounds worth of Christmas 2020 clothing and footwear returns, according to new research. For 2020 as a whole, a year which saw soaring e-commerce sales as companies faced prolonged store closures, apparel retailers face 4.3 billion pounds worth of returns. The proportion […]

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