Schuh has announced plans to reopen its stores in the UK and Ireland and says it has seen an “encouraging start” with its two Channel Island stores reopened over the past two weeks. A further three stores in Ireland opened on Monday, while the remaining - as well as the majority of stores in England […]

Retailers are seeing more and more the benefits of consumer loyalty program, and Klarna has just become the first buy-now-pay-later service to launch such a program. Called Vibe, Klarna's loyalty program is aimed to evolve the shopping experience to offer more convenience and value. Vibe is a no-fee […]

In the penultimate week before the reopening of the UK’s retail and non-essentials businesses, footfall saw an uptick for the fifth consecutive week. While numbers remain dire in comparison to 2019, there is a positive indication of what may occur once stores do start to reopen. On Sunday 7 June, footfall […]

The first US flagship store for Moose Knuckles in the heart of Soho, New York, has won the prestigious NYCxDesign Award for Large Retail, which celebrates outstanding architectural and design projects. The Canadian luxury outerwear brand’s flagship built by Shawmut Design and Construction and designed […]

London landlord Capco has announced that Covent Garden will reopen its doors on June 15 with enhanced safety measures in place and several stores providing innovative retail experiences. Chanel, Charlotte Tilbury, Dior and Tiffany & Co. join the list of retailers who will reopen on Monday. In order […]

Primark has begun paying rent to some landlords, but has forced them to sign gag orders because there are other landlords that still haven't seen rent payments. Since March, Primark has withheld million of dollars in rental payments due to landlords after it shut hundreds of stores across its network. […]

Galeries Lafayette, arguably France’s most famous high-end department store, could face a 1 billion dollar loss as it struggles in the wake of the coronavirus lockdown. “It is very hard. We reopened the Champs Elysees store on May 11 but we have to face the fact that a lot of customers are missing,” […]

H&M is being sued by New York’s Herald Center Department Stores for non payment of rent of its flagship store. The Swedish fast fashion giant, which in 2019 saw global operating profit surge to 1.8 billion dollars, owes 4.2 million dollars in back rent and other charges. In March H&M said it […]

Save The High Street has launched a campaign to help UK based independent high street businesses recover in the wake of the country’s lockdown. The Covid-19 Recovery & Resilience campaign offers free and personalised support for retailers, including a report with scores that show strengths, weaknesses, […]

Footfall in May remains at an “unprecedented low”, with footfall down 73.3 percent compared to last year, due to the national coronavirus lockdown. The figures for the four weeks covering May 3 to May 30 from Springboard show that footfall “improved marginally” from April, where it dropped to 80.1 percent […]

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