Tapestry's brands are expanding their presence in the Chinese market. The New York-based house of modern luxury lifestyle brands has partnered with Alibaba-owned commerce platform Tmall to expand its retail offerings.

All three of Tapestry's brands - Coach, Kate Spade and Stuart Weitzman - will have flagship stores on Tmall Luxury Pavilion, a dedicated e-commerce site for luxury brands. Each brand's digital flagship will feature products exclusive to Tmall as well as personalized content and services to cater to shoppers' preferences.

Tmall is also providing Tapestry's brands with its recently announced Flagship Store 2.0, which will launch later this month. Flagship Store 2.0 is an upgraded platform that offers powerful tools to create customized content and richen the shopping experience. This will allow Tapestry and its Data Labs team deep insights into the local markets it will reach through Tmall, helping the company to drive growth in the region.

Two of Tapestry’s key strategic initiatives include driving digital innovation and growing its business with Chinese consumers. Sales within the Chinese market currently represents less than 20 percent of the company's global e-commerce revenue. Tapestry identifies this market as an area of enormous potential, according to a press statement, and believes that Tmall's active user base of over 750 million will drive brand awareness and consumer engagement.

“Tapestry is committed to the Chinese market," said Jide Seitlin, chairman and CEO of Tapestry. "We have a leadership position in China and all of our brands have tremendous opportunity for further growth. Given Tapestry’s focus on customer experience, creating innovative strategic partnerships with leaders such as Tmall helps us to connect our unique lifestyle brands with the important fashion and digitally savvy Chinese consumer."

This news comes a week after Tmall hosted Tmall China Cool at New York Fashion Week, sponsoring three emerging Chinese brands to present their latest collections to the New York market. Tmall China Cool included three runway shows and a three-day pop-up shop selling the brands' clothing.


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