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Timberland opens first “purpose-led” flagship store in Europe

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

14 Nov 2019


Timberland has opened the brand’s first “purpose-led” flagship store in Europe, on London’s Carnaby Street, designed to connect the brand with the community, while creating an immersive experience for the consumer and empowering its sustainability message.

The new 2,594 square foot concept space features living trees, a full-height living green wall, and natural elements throughout, with the aim of immersing visitors in the brand’s creative vision, which the brand states “sits at the intersection of nature and fashion”.

The purpose-led space showcases a natural but urban materiality to bring nature into the city and encourage interaction and exploration, while powerful stories of eco-innovation showcase the brand’s commitment to a greener future.

Sustainability is a strong message throughout, with Timberland educating consumers on the recycled materials and responsible technologies used in the production of Timberland merchandise, and the fixtures themselves include mannequins made from a combination of recycled materials obtained from industrial leftovers with Bio-resin, while the concrete finishing is environmentally friendly, biocompatible, and all the lighting is manufactured with LED light.

The store houses footwear, apparel and accessories for men, women and kids, as well as ‘A Design Your Own’ station, which allows consumers to design their own version of the most iconic Timberland styles, and there is a community table to inspire tangible and small everyday actions.

Timberland creates new immersive concept store with a focus on sustainability

In addition, there are full-height digital screens highlighting the brand’s largest-ever global campaign, ‘Nature Needs Heroes’ that pledges to plant 50 million trees around the world by 2025 alongside a call to action for people everywhere to join the movement to be heroes for nature.

“Carnaby Street is an iconic retail experience in London, and the perfect location for Timberland to reveal our new purpose-led retail store,” said Argu Secilmis, vice president of global marketing for Timberland in a statement. “This is where nature and fashion come together to create something fresh and bold in the marketplace. We are excited to engage with our community, immerse them in our brand experience, and build a movement together toward a greener future.”

The Carnaby Street flagship is one of three purpose-led stores opening around the globe, this autumn others in Philadelphia and New York in America will serve as the model for new stores. It brings the total number of Timberland retail stores in the UK and Ireland to 17, with an additional 22 franchise stores in operation.

Images: courtesy of Timberland

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