A new campaign, ‘Fashions Change, Forests Stay’, has been launched by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) to encourage fashion brands and retailers to source their materials from sustainably managed forests. To bring PEFC’s campaign to life, the organisation worked with […]

In Nike's most recent campaign video the American sportswear brand celebrates this year's NBA Championship winner: the LA Lakers. Nike states in the minute-long film "Because we've lost so much, this win means so much more," referencing the global pandemic, Black Lives Matter and the death of Kobe Bryant. […]

Since the beginning of the global lockdown Business of Fashion has been sharing conversations and webinars in partnership with some of fashion's biggest players. In the edition, Senior Editor Tim Blanks virtually meets up with Belgian designer Dries Van Noten to discuss how he was able to create a 'creatively […]

Sustainably-driven fashion designer and activist, Isabel Varela joins the Fashion Institute of Technology for a workshop on how to sew, upcycle and reimagine an old unworn piece from your closet into something new. In this short 12-minute film, viewers will learn materials they need, and how to reuse […]

Fashion for Good is joined in conversation with Indian fashion experts Naresh Tyagi - CSO, Aditya Birla Fashion Retail Limited (ABFRL), Arjun Bajwa and Vaishali Kulkarni - Co-founders, KB cols, Abhishek Bansal - Head of Sustainability, Arvind Mills and Amit Gautam - Founder, Textile Genesis. Together […]

Who doesn't know them, the oh so famous hats with the ocher yellow Carhartt brand on it. Carhartt has been the unofficial uniform of the American workers since 1889. Once the hip-hop community adopted the workwear style, it didn't take long for Carhartt to become an icon of pop culture. Image and video: […]

They are in front of the camera for their work, but outside of it they are still very closely watched for style inspiration. Models always play a big part in the latest trends, and the 'Model Off Duty' style has changed a lot in recent years. Clever & Chic shows the evolution of the 'Model Off Duty' […]

In this 50-minute panel discussion hosted by Traackr, marketing professionals discuss how brands and retailers can best contribute to social movements. Hosts Jennifer Johnson and Erin Williams share how to implement it in the marketing strategy, but also the use of influencers. Watch the entire video […]

British designer Gareth Pugh, known for his over-the-top and futuristic design aesthetic, joins Tim Blanks, Senior Editor at Business of Fashion to discuss running a business during the coronacrisis. Watch the hour-long conversation below. Image and video: BoF, via YouTube

With the global pandemic in full swing, many events can no longer take place physically due to the corona measures. It can then be a solution to have the event take place digitally. But how do you do that successfully? Expert Maria Maddox shares her tips for that in the video below. How do you host […]

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