In this video, J.W. Anderson presents his autumn/winter 20/21 fashion show at London Fashion Week. Watch the fashion show below. Video: FF Channel via YouTube Photo credit: J.W. Anderson

In this video, The Fashion Archive highlights four fashion YouTubers to watch in 2021. Watch the video below. Source: The Fashion Archive via YouTube Photo credit: Unsplash

In this video, Louis Vuitton presents the details of its women’s FW20 campaign. Watch the video below. Video: Louis Vuitton via YouTube Photo credit: Louis Vuitton, Facebook

In this video, the Business Insider takes a look at how the rare lotus silk fabric is made and why it is so expensive. Watch the video below. Video: Business Insider via YouTube Photo credit: Business Insider, Facebook

In this video, Giorgio Armani presents his spring/summer 2021 fashion show at Milan Fashion Week. Watch the fashion show below. Video: Fashion Feed via YouTube Photo credit: Armani

In this video, ShowStudio is joined by professor of dress history and curatorship at the London College of Fashion, Amy de la Haye. She discusses similarities between the ways in which clothing has reacted to various catastrophes throughout history, including Covid-19. Watch the video below. Source: […]

In this video, Christian Dior takes you into the sparkling world of Dior Christmas shop windows. Take a journey through Dior boutiques around the world, from Paris to Kuala Lumpur, with Luminarie-inspired sceneries based on the 2021 Cruise show set. Watch the video below. Video: Christian Dior via YouTube […]

In this video, Gucci presents the final episode of its seven-part short film series called the ‘Ouverture of something that never ended’ directed by Gus Van Sant and Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michele. The seven-part series will show the new collection by Alessandro Michele and stars actress […]

In this video, a behind-the-scenes of the Chanel Cruise 2020/21 campaign is shown. Ambassador Lily-Rose Depp gives her opinions on the collection and she discusses her relationship with the artistic director of Chanel, Virginie Viard. Watch the video below. Video: Chanel via YouTube Photo credit: Chanel, […]

Serendipity Vintage Dreamer presents the final episode of a series called ‘the circular movement’ where the aim is to show the diversity and value of vintage clothing. In the video, disco feminist Cathelijne Blok, Emanuelle Vos and Chanel Trapman from Mumster discuss their favourite vintage items. Watch […]

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