Jonathan Anderson speaks about his upcoming Spring/Summer 2018 collaboration with Uniqlo. Source: UNIQLOUSA, YouTube

Today consumers are demanding. They expect merchandise to be available online, but also a trustful and impeccable in-store service. To remain competitive, businesses must therefore act fast and smart. Source: TEDx Talks, YouTube

Originally made in 1924 for railroad workers, cowboys and farmers, this handpicked, high-grade selvage denim with a hand-guided finish propels the Lee 101 from classic to collector’s piece. Source: Lee Jeans, YouTube

A Magical Holiday campaign 2017. Source: H&M, YouTube

Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida talk through Marques'Almeida's Spring/Summer 2018 collection with Lara Johnson-Wheeler in this unique take on a re-see. Source: SHOWstudio, YouTube

Documentary of Diane Von Furstenberg. Source: DatWAy, YouTube

Inside look at the revered fashion house, Lanvin. Source: DatWAy, YouTube

Habizen collection Spring/Summer 2018, MBFWR/Moscow Fashion Week Source: Fashion Channel Milano, YouTube

Vadim Merlis collection Spring/Summer 2018, MBFWR/Moscow Fashion Week. Source: FF Channel, YouTube

Saint Tokyo collection Spring/Summer 2018, MBFWR/Moscow Fashion Week Source: FF Channel, YouTube

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