Jack Wills bolsters sales with a tailor-made Conversion Incentive Programme

09 May 2019 -- London, UK – British lifestyle and fashion brand, Jack Wills, has boosted its sales performance, with a tailor-made Conversion Incentive Programme designed by the consultancy team at retail intelligence firm, ShopperTrak, part of Sensormatic Solutions.

Jack Wills was founded in 1999 and today operates 97 stores across the UK, as well as a growing number of international outlets. Established as a single shop in the seaside town of Salcombe, Jack Wills is a lifestyle brand known for its high-quality, heritage-inspired wardrobe staples, epitomising a carefree, youthful spirit that is intrinsically charming, endlessly optimistic and unapologetically British.

Jack Wills has been measuring and making use of store footfall data across its UK store estate since 2012, but in 2018 the company committed to migrating onto the latest version of ShopperTrak’s reporting and analytics platform, the ShopperTrak Analytics Suite.

In an effort to drive Q4 sales, Jack Wills partnered with ShopperTrak, to devise and run a six-week in-store incentive scheme, aimed at increasing conversions. The incentive ran as a weekly ‘league’ style competition whereby two leagues of six stores would compete against each other to achieve the best improvement on conversion each week. The incentive scheme ran over the Christmas peak trading period, involving 12 of Jack Wills’ city stores. To achieve the greatest success the teams utilised ShopperTrak’s analytics platform to align and determine labour scheduling to the expected peaks in shopper numbers and power hours of each individual store.

Results for the six-week period confirmed that across the entire 97-store estate, footfall and sales had increased. However, through educating in-store associates on how to maximise on ShopperTrak’s reporting and analytics platform capabilities, stores in the incentive scheme increased their sales by 39% and conversion by 52% more than other stores not taking part in the scheme.

Craig Hughes, Global Head of Retail Operations at Jack Wills, said: “The footfall data is there for us to make use of. The challenge is learning how to interpret it and channel insights into the business in ways that are user-friendly, engaging, rewarding, and in this case, fun.”

“By working directly with the ShopperTrak consultancy team on a Conversion Incentive Programme we were able to receive useful advice and tips tailored to specific business needs, and a steer on strategy needed for long-term use of traffic data across the organisation,” he concluded.

Andy Sumpter, Retail Consultant at ShopperTrak, explained: “As soon as the teams saw how easy it was to gain actionable insights, they were engaged. By advising store associates to be ready with conversation starters and purchase suggestions on lower traffic days, it succeeded in maximising on every sales opportunity.”

“Activities and labour scheduling were aligned to the expected peaks in shopper numbers, and tips on selling techniques during power hours were given to ensure maximum success for each store. These valuable insights helped the teams remove any guesswork from planning store operations and quickly became part of the daily routine for running the store and assisting customers and critically driving store performance,” he added. Jack Wills bolsters sales with a tailor-made Conversion Incentive Programme

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