Two Visions – One Statement Founders/ Designers Two people with the courage to break new ground in fashion. Strong expression, uncompromising cuts and an unmistakable message. The passion for Paris unites the two founders: Matthias Schröder and Simona Crocamo. "Deux Visions" is a commitment […]

The new Off The Pitch FW21 collection is out. The collection is unisex, but the measuring arc based on a male consumer. Off The Pitch is always inspired by street lifestyle-driven friends who go for a luxurious look. They look at where the market is moving and then put their own spin on it, their sports-loving […]

The new FW21 L’Ascolana collection has been released. The collection is men’s footwear. The collection was created in an Italian environment inspired by soccer with a keen interest in quality products from Italy. The main colors for this delivery are black, blue and brown. The L'Ascolana […]

TIMELESS CLASSICS – SPORT MEETS STREET – SUSTAINABLE MINDFULNESS For Autumn/Winter 2021, MAC is presenting a diverse and trendy men’s collection. The trend themes TIMELESS CLASSICS, SPORT MEETS STREET and SUSTAINABLE MINDFULNESS determine the styles in the denim and flats segments. TIMELESS CLASSICS […]

The new UP SS21 and FW21 collection is out. The collection includes men’s and women’s footwear. The collection is inspired by corporate social responsibility, sustainability and comfort. Up Social Club Foundation; a foundation that helps people with intellectual disabilities. Helps them […]

Unlimited space, the sheer immensity of nature, a desire for purity, silence and serenity – such are the auspices under which the Souliers Martinez Fall Winter 2021 collection was created. A long-lasting travel memory from the Bardenas, a semi-desertic region in Northern Spain: dramatic landscapes of […]

EMOTIONAL TRAVELLER With this collection, MAC is going on an emotional journey about finding oneself: Under the headline EMOTIONAL TRAVELLER, the surreal experience of the standstill, of physical distance and the longing for social closeness is processed. This, along with the desire for love and companionship […]

THE ACTIVE WOMAN The DAYDREAM collection THE ACTIVE WOMAN is innovative and highly fashionable in Autumn/Winter 2021. Aside from room to move and comfort, character is important in modern sportswear, too. The focus is on sex appeal and feeling physically healthy. ‘The current situation has forced us […]

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