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1979 SWIMWEAR Atemporal collection

By Press Club


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The new atemporal 1979 SWIMWEAR Womenswear collection has been released. The collection is inspired by the early beach looks of the Nineteen-Forties and Fifties and their timeless elegance and ladylike appearance. The line was designed by imagining to create a swim-outfit for the beach kissing- scene of the movie classic "From Here to Eternity" and wanting to express a style that is modest, yet feminine. Although inspiration comes from earlier eras, the modern aspect of the garment is at least equally important- finding the timeless essence of Retro and marrying it with a modern look. The high quality and sustainability of the swimsuits and bikinis is visible in all the materials and notions chosen and the excellent workmanship, but also through details like hand-made textile-covered buttons, reflecting the values of quality, regardfulness and slow fashion. The theme of this collection is elegantly understated swimwear.

The main colors of this collection are dark pink, ink blue, navy, black and dark plum. The 1979 SWIMWEAR collection will be delivered in March for SS21 and August for FW21. In addition, a continuous reorder/ restock is possible. "My motto is: Less is More. But with Swimwear it is the other way around: Showing less is oftentimes more”, says 1979 SWIMWEAR.

Read more about 1979 SWIMWEAR on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/1979-swimwear

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