3RD/DIADEM 2021 collection

3RD/DIADEM has released a new Men’s accessory 2021 collection. The collection is inspired by the designer’s 25 years of hair styling experience in fashion. “Styling a look for the true discerning gentleman, a pocket square is an essential complement for their outfit and I realised this fashionable addition does not need to be a traditional handkerchief; it can be a slick and effective adornment which can be a hair comb instead”, says founder and designer Gow Tanaka of 3RD/DIADEM.

The theme of the collection is Ethically Smart. The main color for this delivery is tortoise shell. The 3RD/DIADEM 2021 collection will be delivered in the month of March of this year. Dappe Combs are handcrafted products. The fulfilment time will depend on quantity and availability.

3RD/DIADEM 2021 collection

“My focus for the creation of the collection has been as much upon the original inspiration of visual shape, classic yet distinctive and has to reflect its functionality. And finding right material to reflect its concept in a way that allows their inherent, unique qualities to shine. I am placing a strong focus on the need for a sustainable approach to the luxury experience, without sacrificing any of the quality of design”, says Gow.

Read more about 3RD/DIADEM on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/3rd-diadem .


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