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BULAGGI AW21 Collection

By Press Club

19 Apr 2021

The BULAGGI 2021 winter collection includes two lines; Heritage and Passion. Familiar elements are mixed in such a way that they become freshly re-invented classics. One striking aspect is that we are not seeing any clearly defined colour palettes for this season – literally anything goes...

The disruptive events have also started a longing to feel comfortable. Traditional materials such as tweed, shearling, knitwear and velvet – materials that are not just classic but comfortable as well – play an important role this season. On the other hand we find sumptuous and feminine influences that are accentuated by soft pleats, patent and crocodile embossing.

After what has been an absolutely crazy year there has been an important shift towards sustainability and digitalization. BULAGGI has focused on what steps can be taken to further reduce their impact on the environment. Besides all bags being 100% Vegan and carrying the PETA vegan certificate with great pride, you will also find an expanded eco-friendly collection. Now consisting of 5 groups, covering 16 models in 11 different colours.

‘All BULAGGI bags are made from high-grade PU, vegan and certified by PETA. We have a keen eye for sustainability and our role in the fashion industry. All our bags feature a refined finish, so that women can use them over and over. Obviously our passion for colour, comfort and quality is key to each and every collection’, says Annemarieke Schouten-Walraven, owner and designer of BULAGGI.

HERITAGE “where classics meet the future”

Re-invented classics with a fresh twist. That’s what this Autumn / Winter trend is all about. Obviously, the pandemic is affecting fashion and our attitude towards the fashion industry. The disruptive events of the past year have kindled a desire to feel comfortable. We long for stability and see this reflected in the upgrade of materials used in fashion collections.

We are seeing a huge shift towards traditional materials such as tweed, sheering, knitwear and velvet; materials that are not just classic, but comfortable as well. Tradition is distorted but strongly accentuated with classic prints such as pied de poule, checks and inspiration derived from refined tapestry. The colours are also timeless classics, such as cognac, dark blue, ochre and khaki. Colours that feel as if they have grown like stories or memories. They are never too flashy, but uplifting and harmonizing.

PASSION “An expression for state of mind”

We have had time to think about a lot during this pandemic: what is important to me and what do I really need? This has led to an important shift towards sustainability and digitalization. Fashion is a form of self-determination, an expression of our state of mind. We will have to find a balance between changing trends and sustainability, between innovation and continuity.

We feel passionate about celebrating life again. No wonder that this story revolves around the colour closest to our heart; red. Sumptuous, feminine and sensual are the keywords which are represented in luxurious materials accentuated by soft pleats, patent and croc embossing. We see minimalistic looks despite abundant decoration. Creating a dramatic yet feminine look with deeper shades and flashes of intense colour. Contrary to previous seasons, the colour palettes are not separated per theme, but they complement each other.

BULAGGI goes green

We are aware of the increasing pressure on the environment, and of how this has led to a greater demand for more environmentally-friendly materials. Therefore we have been sourcing new materials that are also more acceptable from an environmental friendly perspective. We are very proud and satisfied that we have succeeded in finding a new eco-friendly, vegan material. This material is water-based and solvent-free.

Energy consumption and waste from by-products have been reduced significantly as compared to the traditional production process for synthetic leather.

Thanks to these savings in energy and the avoidance of solvents, the production of the bags is a low-carbon process. This contributes to the steps needed to protect our environment, not least because another benefit of this process is a huge saving on water with a percentage of 70 (!) compared to the traditional production methods. 16 models, divided over 5 groups, in 11 different colours, from our Autumn / Winter 2021 Collection have been produced in this eco-friendly way: the Gauze, Basalt, Acorn, Cynthia & Rainbow.

Besides this BULAGGI tries to take an extra step in the right direction eco-friendly wise with every collection. From our SS21 onwards we have realized a plastic reduction of as much as 80%! We have accomplished this by for example no longer using polybags but instead we now use recycled paper and/or dust bags. Also our bags are stuffed with recycled paper instead of plastics. For AW 21-22 we achieved an even higher percentage of nearly 90% less plastic than before.

Read more about BULAGGI on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/bulaggi