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Daniëlle Cathari and Woolrich Continue Their Partnership in FW23 for a Fifth Season

By Press Club


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Daniëlle Cathari x Woolrich design worn by a model Credits: Woolrich

For this season, Cathari explored a new side of “functional dressing” – playing with the concept of indoor tailoring using outdoor materials. Classic Woolrich fabrics are translated into formal-fun styles, where uniforms are leading. Season 5 pushes forward with a (multi-)functional, playful and sophisticated take on classic staples.

Items such as a traditional trucker jacket, a 5-pocket style jeans and a classic tank top have been reimagined into refined bouclé styles. While a classic - but bright purple - wool hat and a finely knitted polo shirt - but cropped and paired with a matching headband - strike a balance between formal and fun.

Credits: Woolrich

The collection's versatility and functionality in a formal-fun manner is translated with the same ideology in the campaign.

Credits: Woolrich

Cathari aimed to approach each look, and consequently, every campaign image, as a distinct entity with its own narrative. Collectively, these images come together to form the identity that embodies The Woolrich Woman perfectly — portraying her both in a casual, authentic, and "fun" manner, as well as in a more stylized, "formal" fashion.

The Woolrich Woman

The ongoing partnership began with the Amsterdam-based designer visiting Woolrich’s extensive archive in Bologna, Italy, in October 2020. While browsing through vintage garments and advertising campaigns, Cathari stumbled upon an outdated label for The Woolrich Woman – a former Woolrich line tailored for the everyday modern woman – which immediately caught her eye. Looking back, this particular moment formed a starting point for the revival of The Woolrich Woman which has ever since led to four, and now five collaborative collections.

Daniëlle Cathari x Woolrich design worn by a model Credits: Woolrich

About Daniëlle Cathari

The brand of Amsterdam-based designer Daniëlle Cathari is built upon the foundation to deconstruct fashion as a whole, aiming to mindfully color outside the lines of the system. Cathari’s work plays upon the concept of ‘complementing contrasts’ explored through design and the creative vision by subversively repurposing classic design, bringing forward a feel of nostalgia. Unexpected twists and deconstruction – either subtly or obviously elaborated through design – is rooted in the brand’s DNA and brings a playful take on tailored essentials that celebrates femininity as much as it does comfort.

About Woolrich

Founded in Pennsylvania in 1830, Woolrich is part of the fabric of the American outdoor landscape, having produced high-quality garments for outdoor enthusiasts for over 190 years to equip those with a passion for exploring. The brand has pioneered pieces that have become icons, such as the Buffalo Check Shirt and the Arctic Parka. Wear Woolrich to pursue your endeavors whatever the weather.

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