GRACIELA HUAM: The Movement FW21 collection

Loungewear and outerwear are going to be the key to understand this year's fashion road. Multipurpose pieces that can be dressed up or down are going to be part of what WGSN calls the “house party” style, a trend born from the desire of prioritizing comfort and coziness, creating pieces that you can were both at home and special events. Knitwear goes hand in hand with this hi-lo styling revolution and will continue to emerge as it has been doing this past season.

In this video, knitwear fashion label Graciela Huam presents its FW21 collection.

A brand that knows how to follow the upcoming season trends in a very unique way is Graciela Huam. A sustainable knitwear brand based in the Netherlands that creates pieces of Alpaca Suri, Baby Alpaca and Pima Cotton, made in Perú by local artisans.

For FW21, they are releasing their collection “The Movement”. The concept of the collection has a really special connection to Graciela Huam’s CEO. She suffered an accident last year that limited her from moving for a long time, so she translated her feelings into art and designed this beautiful collection. Each piece cohesively shows the essence of movement.

GRACIELA HUAM: The Movement FW21 collection

Among the pieces presented, there are different trends adapted and reinterpreted to match the soul of the brand. Patchwork technique is used in the jumpers creating a square chess-like shape, a pattern that will be very appealing this year. And, as a side and important note, this patchwork was constructed with pieces made by deadstock yarns, which helps the brand to reduce waste, by using every resource.

The so-called statement cables, which will become a season’s favourite because of the customer’s desire for a timeless piece, are also presented in this collection. Graciela Huam has designed a classic, yet modern and elevated item that combines two types of cable patterns.

Speaking of the shapes and silhouettes, “The Movement” comes with different options for all body types. It has crop styles perfect to combine with high-waisted trousers, such as cardigans and crop jumpers. However, there are also loose jumpers and oversized pieces. High and low options are also found in the collection. Mock necks will be a constant, but there are also crew and V-necks.

GRACIELA HUAM: The Movement FW21 collection

The colour palette chosen for this collection includes different shades of greens, oranges, blues, aquas and white. “The Movement” also includes handmade linear applications stitched by deadstock material in some of their pieces. The cardigans have delicate wavy lines in contrasting colors, giving the regular cardi a refreshed modern look.

This collection has taken the current fashion trends and shaped them into delightful, comfortable, and ancestral knitwear pieces in an effortless way. Read more about GRACIELA HUAM on the brandpage: .


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