Introducing the Tiger of Sweden Fall Winter 2021 collection

Introducing the Tiger of Sweden Fall Winter 2021 collection – a collection inspired by observations of daily life in Stockholm.

Returning to the London Fashion Week stage, this is the first Fall Winter Collection from Tiger of Sweden Design Director Bryan Conway.

Tiger of Sweden will showcase both menswear and womenswear enhancing their expansion as a business and reinforcing their new brand positioning. With strong ties to London, the brand felt it was the best choice for an International showcase – bringing the Swedish essence to a global audience.

 Introducing the Tiger of Sweden Fall Winter 2021 collection

Speaking of the inspiration behind the collection, Tiger of Sweden Designer Director Bryan Conway guides us through an observation of life. ”Observations of what is happening around me. Of life and how people are living here. There is the element of being a voyeur in the city in which you reside, just going for a walk and watching life as it unfolds around you.” - Bryan Conway, Tiger of Sweden Design Director

Functionality was a primary consideration when designing this collection with an emphasis on the portrait of the wearer. Fabrics chosen to see, and change with life such as moleskin, waxed cottons, denims, and leathers Through the fabrics used, the same hint of life is seen, with garments that will show a picture of the wearer over time.

 Introducing the Tiger of Sweden Fall Winter 2021 collection

The practicality, what you have done, becomes central to the collection- functionality in all its mundane necessity runs throughout. The collection is rooted in authentic craftsmanship, with an earnest focus on the wearer, functionality, and nature.

One of the fabrics used throughout the menswear collection is waxed cotton, which is seen in a long trench piece and a shorter utility jacket. Collars can be worn in multiple ways, around the neck for ease or protection, depending on the weather. Multiple pocket functions and modern seaming to take something that is rooted in one context into another.

Flat, very functional bags in leather can be worn easily with either a smart look, fully dressed or in this case, a functional sense. A hybrid of a briefcase and a poacher’s bag.

 Introducing the Tiger of Sweden Fall Winter 2021 collection

Full, hard wearing wool twill trousers for a new, grounded silhouette and rugged function. Boots are molded with a water-proof leather and rubber utility sole giving the wearer all the function whilst maintaining the elegance of our dressed boots.

An elevated silhouette is seen in tailored coats, reimagined with a slight nod to naval influences, elegant and crafted to be worn in many ways. An active suit created for the outdoors in rugged wool twill ensures comfort and durability.

When it comes to all aspects of the collection, the main aim is to bring functionality and durability to the wearer ensuring a modern uniform curated for everyday life.

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