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Kantjeboord Lifestyle® seasonless: A bold and expressive collection for the rebel in us all

By Press Club

16 Jun 2021


We are not seasonal and do not have clearance sales. Kantjeboord Lifestyle® collections are an upgrade for you and your wardrobe. We like to play with materials, patterns and prints. The flamboyant mask embossed with razor-sharp diamonds is a recognition of our quality and service. The term Kantjeboord stands like a house and can be used by everyone. We are loyal to our logo and feature it on every item.

On occasion, the collection will be enriched with specials and limited editions. These will be collaborations with “like-minded” brands. As an independent clothing label, we cannot afford low prices and deep discounts. In fact, we don't want that at all. The design and production process is intense. With screaming “sale”, you say goodbye to a beautiful sustainable product.

The collection is inspired by everyday life. Kantjeboord Lifestyle® is for the rebel in us all. For the diamond; rough or polished. For the fortune seeker, finder and bearer. For the outdoorsman or the homebody, the extroverted introvert or the other way around. For the free spirit, that through a heart that suffers, or for those who prefer to stay safely in that box.

An item of Kantjeboord Lifestyle® is your self-chosen mask, for every day and every moment. A crowning glory of who you were, will be and are. It is all there. And behind it. Your story, your mask. On or off? You decide.

The Kantjeboord collections consist of basics, which are an upgrade for everyone's wardrobe. You choose Kantjeboord Lifestyle® because you feel it. Because it is time to upgrade the basics in your wardrobe and yourself. Minimal, because with less, you are the most. Yourself. The main colours of our collection are black, white, heather grey and navy blue.

We are not bound by delivery drops. We can produce and deliver on demand. Custom requests such as a different colour, type of textile, print or print position can be discussed.

Read more about Kantjeboord on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/kantjeboord