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Merz b. Schwanen – the good basic


By Press Club

11 May 2021

We want you to look and feel good. Every day!

We are guided by the idea of bringing more calm and ease into your daily life, and the world. Merz b. Schwanen basics are reliable companions for all the good moments in your life. We believe that reliability and stability make life much easier and more relaxing.

Our customers can always stay relaxed and cool

Our range mainly consist of reliable products which can be ordered again and again. Customer have the chance to reorder our best-selling all-time favorite products at any time easily in our new B2B online shop. The shop is convenient and easy to work with: nice product and model photos, and detailed material and styles descriptions. 77% of our range are carry-over products, 33% are even AIS - always in stock.

Why should we make everything new, when that which already exists is simply good?

We also enjoy creating new fabrics and styles as well as offering fresh new colors. These seasonal highlights can be pre-ordered and are only available for the following season. Thanks to our timeless design and high-quality standards, customers definitely can enjoy garments for much longer. This saves resources and is good for all living beings and Mother Earth.

Our distinctive marks in terms of sustainability are:

• Timeless design:
We create all-time favorites. Enjoying garments for a longer time saves resources and reduces waste.

• Natural, Organic, and Recycled Materials: We choose sustainable, natural, recycled, and high-quality materials only.

• Honest and Good Working Conditions: We care for everybody involved: respectful, honest cooperation, and fair working conditions are key to us.

We make original, organic, simply good basics. Garments for all, who appreciate good timeless design, and reliable products to look and feel good every day! Merz b. Schwanen – the good basic!

Read more about Merz b. Schwanen on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/merz-b-schwanen