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Queen Kerosin – She can do it!

By Press Club

16 Apr 2021

She is wild at heart, our Queen Kerosin. Strong, graceful and sassy, she is the real self-made queen!

The roots of the classic Queen Kerosin look go back to 1940s-70s America. True to the motto "More revs per life", each style is inspired by a gasoline-oxygen mixture that especially excites fans of the vintage scene. This is a brand for all the queens out there who are loud, authentic and self-confident!

Old school but New school

The Queen Kerosin Fall/Winter 2021-22 collection is inspired by stormy times and suits everyone who dares to be different. It is defined by perfect fits that emphasize and celebrate femininity and sexiness. From the "it piece" to the basic, everything is there- but different.

The collection of 70 pieces stands for a unique style, high quality products and is featuring curve-accentuating cuts. Washes, which have fallen into oblivion in the classic fashion sector, experience a newly interpreted revival here. Cult styles like college and baseball jackets are reimagined and created from high-quality sweats, faux furs and leather. In the denim/woven sector, the label relies on heavy, robust materials with 98% cotton and 2% elastane - shaping effect guaranteed!

Nevertheless, the stretch content ensures excellent wearing comfort with ideal freedom of movement. Also, the worker style may not be missing in this exclusive collection. Straight-lined pocket solutions and coarse metal zippers meet high-quality embroidery and flattering, strongly waisted silhouettes. Emphasizing everything a woman has to offer - every piece is a statement.

A palette of warm natural tones such as beige, natural white and shades of brown form the foundation of the collection. Cool accents are set by intense reds and variations of blue. Leopard-patterned gabardine styles with tobacco-brown oil wash and high-quality copper accessories are the highlights of this collection and create a high must-have potential.

Queen Kerosin promises power loaded vintage streetwear for those looking for something special: Not letting yourself be squeezed into boundaries - freedom, independence and a will of your own away from the mainstream. These are qualities that characterize both the rock'n'roll lifestyle and the King & Queen Kerosin labels. The style evokes associations with dusty highways, roaring guitars and bubbling V8 engines - reinterpreted in a modern and urban zeitgeist. Meanwhile, King and Queen Kerosin no longer appeal only to pure vintage lovers but serve a broader field through the casual street style. Even off the streets, the look can be integrated into everyday life. For all bikers, all retro fans and for all those who are interested in an authentic urban style; for all of you King and Queen Kerosin are exactly what you were looking for.

Read more about Queen Kerosin on the brandpage : fashionunited.com/companies/queen-kerosin