Sebago®’s co-branding venture with Universal Works is back

Artisanal, contemporary, comfortable and creative: here is the new FW 2020 capsule

A year after they first met, and two collections later, American brand Sebago ® and British brand Universal Works are back with a new capsule collection for fall-winter 2020. Inspired by Native American traditions, Sebago ® with Universal Works once again combines artisan workmanship with contemporary trends, creative sleekness and comfort. After a first collaboration which revisited Sebago ® Campsides, and a second dedicated to Docksides, this third co-branding reinterprets three styles from the previous labels.

The first is Jack Docksides slip-ons, on offer in three different colors and fabrics, all featuring a double logo in gold lettering on the insole and on a patch on the back of the shoes: blue cotton with brown dots, available from 8th October; dark blue burel wool with black soles, from 15th October; red burel wool with brown outlines and white foxing, from 22 October.

Two outdoor Sebago ®designs: the Cayuga; mid boots in light suede with removable fringes at the base of the tongue, and the Seneca, in dark leather, available from 11th November. The offer is completed by a new version of Campsides Koala with a suede strap and ‘O-ring buckle, complete in three different colors: chocolate, black, and olive. Available from mid-November.

Sebago ® with Universal Works is available in selected stores across Europe, in Universal Works stores and on its website.


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