June is usually the moment of truth for fashion students in the last year of their studies. It is the month of the longest days, the shortest nights and the last stitches, culminating in the graduati

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, nationwide lockdowns and travel bans have immensely altered the way influencers work. The devastating impact on the entire fashion industry and the contraction of the

In this age of self-startups and e-tailers, the possibilities to carve out your own career in fashion have never been greater. From product design to seamstress and pattern maker, sales manager and P

Everyone has a quote or a career tip that they've received, that they will never forget. What are the career tips that fashion professionals have had and what kind of tips do they have for others? In

Milan-based Brand Consultant and Creative Strategist, Yossi Fisher, has worked with clients such as Refinery29, Hypebeast and Vogue Italia. Last week, Fisher shared with FashionUnited in an intervie

Blogging is possible from anywhere. But creative input could suffer when the world is suddenly restricted to one room. Does the coronavirus lockdown block creativity or allow for more imagination, li

Boutique label, Rain Couture Amsterdam, has garnered a following for their multi-functional coats with a luxurious design flair. Embrace the seasons is ingrained in the label’s philosophy: The

Why do so many young players in the fashion industry want to become stylists? Why is it so hard to make it in this field of fashion? And who stands a chance to make it? In this episode Future Now i-D

It is not only freelancers, who are usually in the spotlight, who feel the economic impact of the coronavirus crisis; those "behind the scenes" are also affected. FashionUnited asked several individ

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many people in the fashion industry are currently unable to carry out their usual work. Freelancers are also particularly affected. FashionUnited has asked se

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many people are out of a job. The fashion industry is no exception: stationery retailers and sometimes even warehouses are locked down, as at the Italian onli

What do professional models do when there are no fashion shows or shootings due to the effects of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic? Many of them are freelancers who move from job to job, so steady w

As a headhunter, Anja Minnerup knows the German fashion industry from the inside out. In her function as HR consultant for companies from Zara to Chanel, she has found the right people for the job,

Social Media’s role in fashion can no longer be ignored as it has become consumers’ favorite way to communicate with their favorite brands. According to industry experts, a good, targete

With so much uncertainty and negativity due to the impact of the current global battle against Covid-19, top fashion and lifestyle influencers have decided to use their social platforms to encourage

Best Jobs in the World – Stories from the Fashion Industry is a series of open access video lessons created by Polimoda fashion school and taught by leading fashion industry experts. These inte

The names of male models may not roll off the tip of our tongues, but the faces of Dolce and Gabbana’s David Gandy and Sean O’Pry-the male lead in Taylor Swift’s music video &ldquo

News of women who are marginalized or abused within the male-dominated global fashion supply chain is unfortunately all too common but women who are actively empowering other women to thrive within t

This Sunday, March 8 is International Women’s Day and to toast all the amazing women out there, FashionUnited has gathered valuable advice from 6 women working in fashion. From learning to succ

Keeping up with an industry that is in a state of constant fluctuation is never easy. As the fashion industry faces radical changes, ranging from the fourth technological revolution to the rise of ne

The modeling industry today looks almost nothing like it did a decade ago. As with other sectors in the fashion industry, the impact of social media has given rise to new trends in the modeling busi

Top companies across the fashion industry from Scotch and Soda to Condé Nast’s GQ Germany have recently announced new executive hires and creation of visionary leadership roles to take

To be successful today in the fashion business requires new strategies and adaptable, innovative leadership, but what does that mean, exactly? In recent years, the fashion and luxury brands have face

Stylist and fashion consultant Ada Kokosar talks with Net-A-Porter about what her job looks like, especially during Fashion Week. During the most recent New York Fashion Week, which concluded last we

The V&A is partnering with the Stratford Circus Arts Centre on a free event to inspire the next generation of fashion talent in the lead up to V&A East, which is set to open as part of East B

What would a fashion catwalk show be without music? Each season, fashion designers not only curate a collection of clothing, but they have to consider the venue, backdrop, model casting, styling, and

Established in 2016 and based in New York City, MWR Collection is a luxury lifestyle label specializing in leather craftsmanship. Creative Director Mia Wright-Ross collaborates with artisans to creat

Established in 2005 by a young entrepreneur from Marseille, Michaël Azoulay, American Vintage is known for their trademark style of casual cuts and a nuanced colour range. Today, the American V

Born in Bahia and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Sergio Mattos travels through the Brazilian and international fashion scene with relaxation and seriousness. In 31 years of continuous work, he was respo

With the goal to provide accurate trainer news and release information for the UK and European market, The Sole Supplier was founded in 2013 by George Sullivan. Their community of partners (brands an