E-commerce is revolutionising the fashion industry on

local and international levels. The industry is still at the beginning of online clothing and shoe sales, but the early adopters are rapidly increasing their market share. Will online sales soar to 40% of the total fashion market?
During the Technology and Innovation Session at the upcoming IAF World Apparel Convention, innovative digital solutions for fashion companies, web and mobile sales, and new e-commerce business models will be discussed.
Meeting at the 28th IAF World Apparel Convention in Oporto (Portugal) from September 24-28, 2012 means hearing about and sharing state of the art experiences in global fashion marketing and supply chain management.
The IAF World Apparel Convention 2012 is more than simply a gathering of delegates in a suitable venue with the right facilities. It is about knowledge, communication, interaction, meeting people, getting to know each other, and forming business relationships.
For more information, please contact the IAF Secretariat: [email protected] (+31 30-232 09 01), or visit the website: http://iafnet.eu/events/


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