The controversial usage of angora has had an unprecedented response from the UK high

street. Retail giants such as Marks & Spencer, Topshop, Primark, Next, New Look and Ted Baker have all confirmed they will discontinue sourcing due to the cruelty to animals.

Asos has gone one step further to become the first UK retailer to implement a permanent ban in addition to to pull existing stock of angora from its website.

Peta, the animal welfare charity, last month released a hard-to-watch video of the rabbits being cruelly removed of their fur, with animals screaming in pain. In response, the most important British stores have halted sourcing and sales of angora wool products, whilst companies investigate alternative sources or fabrics.

Marks & Spencer said its animal welfare policy does not allow for any live plucking and said it believed its supplier met its stringent control.

"We are now carrying out additional visits to these farms to be absolutely sure that this is the case. Also we will not place any further orders with our suppliers for products containing angora wool until we have concluded these visits and reviewed the findings," it said.


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