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The Fashion Industry’s Weight Responsibility

24 Apr 2013


Weight is a big issue for everyone, in the

fashion industry however it is an even bigger issue. There are now many plus size clothing companies online but on the catwalk there are still super skinny models who advertise the big brand names. The fashion industry has a big responsibility in terms of the message it sends out to young people and the body image that it promotes.

Celebrities and fashion models feature heavily in magazines like Heat and OK, how they look and what they wear often dictates what body size and clothing is fashionable so the fashion industry as a whole has a big part to play in the weight issue. It is quite rare that any curvy women are spotted on the catwalks at the big fashion events and the fashion industry has been criticised in the past for having models that are too skinny.

Changing How Fashion Sees Overweight People

Although models and the industry as a whole have been criticised for promoting skinny as sexy, it appears the tide is turning. Recently restrictions have been introduced in Italy and France on models that are deemed to be too skinny. This is a very positive step as more young children and teenagers might start to realise it is ok not to be skinny and be a bit happier in their own skin. The BBC website has plenty of advice on finding happiness in your own skin and dealing with body image issues.

There is of course a fine balance to strike, while being skinny has very serious health issues including anorexia it is important not to tip the scales too far in the opposite direction. Obesity is a major and still growing problem in many countries and being overweight also has many well publicised health problems. The challenge for the fashion industry is to find a mid-point and to use models that look like they might eat like an average person.

A lot of how fashion is sold comes down to aspiration, creating the desire to dress similarly and the want to look as good as the model in those clothes. It is natural to assume that if feelings of wanting to look like the model are created that they could easily extend beyond clothes and on to body image. Amazingly the average weight of a catwalk model is 25% lower than the weight of the average woman on the street.

The Effect of Skinny Models

The fashion industry is looking for a reaction that says I want that item of clothing because that model looks so good in it. However what is the actual reaction to these models as many average people fight obesity and struggle to lose weight while the fashion industry is criticised over using almost anorexic models.

The reaction could almost be opposite to the desired one, forcing the average person struggling with their weight to think they’ll never reach the weight of that model. This might chip away at any willpower or dedication that person had to lose weight and push him or her further into obesity. This is surely bad for the fashion industry in two ways, firstly it clearly doesn’t help sell any more clothing. It also reflects badly on the industry for knocking many people’s body confidence and the kind of body image that the industry is promoting.

Of course the reaction to seeing these skinny models can also go the other way and inspire people to lose the weight. However it can then often lead to going too far and becoming too focused on weight or can lead to dangerous dieting methods being used to lose weight as quickly as possible, which can lead to further health dangers.

Losing Weight Safely

It is a great idea to aspire to a healthy weight, whether the models in newspapers and magazines have inspired you or not. Being at a healthy weight can have many health benefits outside of just fitting into smaller sizes of clothing and possibly feeling better about yourself. However making sure you lose weight in a safe, responsible and sustainable manner is key, it is not all about the speed of the weight loss. One dieting option many people are starting to consider is diet supplements. Beware if you go down this avenue it is suggested you conduct plenty of research before purchase of any supplement as many can have questionable results. One that is recommend is Activ8 X which is starting to make a name for itself, take a look at their website, or U.S. readers can visit activ8x.com.

Always remember that with both fashion and your body the most important thing is for you to feel comfortable in yourself and confident in what you look like. If you can’t reach that place then you will never be happy whatever weight you are, or whatever you wear. This article has plenty of advice on the subject.