REPORT_ In the first half of 2013 the consolidated turnover

of Van de Velde fell by 2.0 percent from 98.7 million euros (127.3 million dollars) to 96.8 million euros (124.8 million dollars). On a comparable basis (including comparable deliveries and excluding retail turnover of Donker stores for the period April-June 2013) the consolidated turnover fell by 2.6 percent.

A fall in wholesale turnover was by 2.1 percent. The independent retailers experienced tough spring in most European countries, whereas, company expects the preorders for autumn 2013 indicate a very slight increase versus last year. The backorders (including stayers) will determine what wholesale turnover would be precisely achieved.

A fall in the retail turnover of Intimacy was slightly over 11 percent. In Europe retail turnover of Rigby & Peller (the former Oreia) grew by 14 percent owing to a strong store-to-store growth in Germany (9 percent) and a number of new stores (Cologne, Munich, Copenhagen). The retail turnover at Rigby & Peller in the UK grew by 2.1 percent, however, due to a weaker British pound, this resulted in a decrease of 1.5 percent in euro terms. The retail turnover at the Donker stores for the period April-June 2013 contributed for an amount of 1.3 million euros (1.6 million dollars).

Van de Velde is a player in the luxury and fashionable women’s lingerie sector. Company is convinced of a long-term strategy based on expanding and developing brands around the lingerie styling concept (fit, style and fashion), especially in Europe and North America.

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