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'Super Shoppers' account for most of UK retail purchases

By FashionUnited


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A new report commissioned by eBay shows that over 70 percent of all retail purchases in the UK is done by just 18 percent of consumers. The research, which was compiled by Deloitte, shows that these 'super shoppers' are a demographic of 25-44

year-old professionals, who in total spend over 200 billion pounds in 2013, despite beingly only a small percentage of the spending population.

'Super shoppers' spent a total of 200 billion pounds

The research also states these shoppers are twice as likely to shop online using their mobile phone or tablet computer, and take advantage of click & collect, and were 30 percent more likely to research products online before visiting a store.

Lawler, vice-president of eBay in the UK, told the Daily Telegraph: "Customers are in the driving seat and pushing retailers for ever higher standards of service and greater convenience.

"Customers fully expect your store and online channels to be joined up and can have little patience if they aren't. For example, they want to collect in store or return via the store, even if they bought online.

"Retailers will be working this year to introduce new omni-channel services such as pay via mobile in store; click & collect; order ahead and 'ship to store'."

The study also found 29 percent of internet users follow brands on social media, with 22 percent claiming to be influenced by a retailer’s social media presence.

30 percent actively engage with brands after purchase through reviews or recommendations. Ian Geddes, a partner at Deloitte, said: "Compared to other consumers, these so-called 'super shoppers' account for a larger share of spending, use a wider range of resources to research purchases and they do this using a greater variety of channels.

"Our study suggests that retailers can target this valuable group through a broad presence over a range of channels."

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