Footwear goes mini-me

Footwear goes mini-meFootwear goes mini-me
Like father like son, like mother like daughter. Or so the latest trend goes with childrens footwear fashion which is basically a mini version of adult designs.

Brands including Nike, Uggs, Converse, Doc Martens and Timberland all offer their best-selling shoe in children's sizes, which basically creates smaller versions of the brand classics we all know.

Brands that have a strong liaison with youth culture, such as Converse and Doctor Martens, are seeing a growth demand and revival of this style in the youth and kidswear markets.

Even newborn categories are gaining popularity. The emphasis is on comfort, so easy-on socks for newborns, baby soft-soled shoes and miniature versions of the well-known adult versions.

Images: Childrens footwear

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