As a multi-service fashion platform, we are providing the fashion competency and branding expertise that empowers and inspires the whole fashion ecosystem. We collaborate with more than 2000 global brand partners to provide the best possible fashion assortment of over 250,000 products for more than 22 million active customers in 15 markets.

By constantly professionalizing our processes and structure, using our e-commerce expertise and with lots of can-do spirit we have become Europe’s leading online platform for fashion since being founded in 2008. We believe that our integration of fashion, operations and technology give us the capability to deliver a compelling value proposition to both our customers and fashion brand partners.

Zalando was founded in Berlin and this is where it all comes together. With more than 5,000 employees spread around the city, Berlin is not just part of our DNA, it’s a pulse that runs through everything we do. Here’s where you’ll find hundreds of technologists swapping ideas and methods with fashion teams, and where the different parts of the business fuse to create a platform ideally set up to meet the challenges of an ever-changing fashion ecosystem.


As Zalando transforms from Europe’s leading e-commerce company into a multi-service platform for fashion, this is an exciting time to join us. Joining us, you will be part of a high performing team, creating new and innovative ways to connect people and fashion.

We’re constantly reinventing our products, our services and ourselves. That’s how we identify and remove the barriers to inspiration and empowerment, as they emerge, letting technology and creativity set the pace. When you can tackle new challenges and take ownership of your work, the opportunities to make a personal impact are limitless, and there’s always more to play for.






Work at Zalando happens in small, dynamic teams. Openness and idea exchange are not only encouraged, they’re lived. Collaboration extends beyond your immediate team, as we pull together across functions, locations and management levels to achieve shared goals.


As we transform from an online fashion retailer to a multi-service platform, we’re always striving to find and scale bold concepts and technologies that remove barriers between people and style. Creating space for ideas to grow enables us to continuously reinvent our products, our services and ourselves.


Our success is built on our ability to turn input into impact. That means we get behind ideas wherever they come from. By challenging ourselves to learn and grow every day we create an environment that puts innovation ahead of ego and enables everyone to make their mark.


Kasia, Trendscout

Kasia, Trendscout

“I work as a Trend Scouting Manager at Fashion Direction. As a trained trend forecaster, I have background in business innovation & concept design. Since I joined in December 2014, my job evolved, bringing me many challenging and exciting projects, such as Zalando Fashion House or the Bread & Butter. Thankfully, I’m part of a great and ambitious team who mastered overcoming obstacles. Making sure I’m pushing myself further every day is something that Zalando teaches me to do.”

Markus, Senior Designer

Markus, Senior Designer

"I started as a freelancer for the zlabels brand TwinTip and never before had that much fun with a customer. Soon after the management asked me if I could imagine working on an internal project, and be part of creating a new brand. So I packed my stuff and moved to Berlin. There was a real ‘start up’ feeling to the project. We were developing a complete brand with only two people and to built up a bigger team in just six months. With a lot of support in-house and lots of fun and long nights along the way, it turned out to be a success: Kiomi was born and I never regretted taking the chance to be part of a company with so many crazy ideas, exciting projects and new inventions.”


Therese, Buying Assistant

Therese, Buying Assistant

"Zalando was the reason why I moved from Hamburg to Berlin exactly 1 year ago. I used to work in the music industry but always had a really strong passion for fashion and especially for shoes. Zalando gave me the opportunity to pursue this dream as a Buying Assistant for the Women's shoe department and to grow in so many ways. I'm thankful for working together with a very lovely & supportive team. And of course I needed to get a way bigger shoe cabinet since I started."

Louisa, Business Developer

Louisa, Business Developer

"I have a background in Psychology and always liked the challenge to not only understand that people who work together have different needs and expectations but also to fulfil these – especially when a company works with so many freelance stylists as we do at Zalon. As a Business Developer at Zalon I deal with the question how to design our brand and platform even more attractive for our freelance stylists. I work with an amazing team of people with very different backgrounds, but we all have one common goal: to connect our customers to stylists who are an ideal fit in order to create a great shopping experience and to generate an awesome look for them!"