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Retailers turn to Google+

10 Aug 2012

New research has shown that retailers' use of Google+ has grown considerably over the past

three months, with All Saints claiming the number one spot in the league table after adding over 600,000 new followers since April 2012.

The latest Social Media Benchmark results from eDigitalResearch reveals that retailers are beginning to branch out from Facebook and Twitter to newer social media platforms such as Google+ in order to engage with a wider online audience.

Derek Eccleston, head of research at eDigitalResearch, explained: "Social media is a great tool for retailers and brands alike. It’s the first step in creating a community around your brand, engaging with customers and harnessing insight from what they have to say. Our own consumer behaviour studies in recent months have shown that it has become increasingly clear that the majority of consumers don’t want to make a purchase through their Facebook account, and would rather visit a retailer’s website direct. Therefore, retailers need to refocus their efforts on working to engage users and create a community of advocates for a brand, and including interactive features, such as games, helps towards achieving this."