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Harrods to focus on Indian jewellery collections


Harrods MD Michael Ward says they are interested in Indian

jewellery and want to find out ways to boost the collection at their store. The few Indian shoppers who visit his store do not buy apparel or jewellery, but pick up fashion accessories, unlike the more prolific shoppers from China, South America and Russia. Perhaps that is why Harrods may not be interested in setting up shop in India.

He said that though India is important, it does not fall in the top tier because Indians don’t shop for jewellery and apparel at Harrods as their apparel tastes are different. They buy only fashion accessories. Whereas the Chinese and the Japanese shop mainly for four to five brands—Hermes, Chanel, Dior and Louis Vuitton while the Russians have become more sophisticated in their taste, and the Brazilians, who shop mainly in Miami, like it sexier.

Citing the reason behind focussing on jewellery collections from India, he said that it’s the only point of interest at the moment because there is a slight bridge in terms of Indian fashion, in the sense that it’s too Indian at the moment. Ward says Harrods have not missed a quarter of double-digit growth and after the recessionary phase of 2008, the company witnessed the most successful season ever.
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