The UK Fashion & Textile Association (UKFT) has become the Sector Skills Body for the Fashion and Textile industry, taking over from Creative Skillset, following a reception at the House of Parli

So far in this series we have heard from designers who feel they have been exploited in the past by interviewers who have asked them to do a project in order to get a job, then often heard nothing o

When I wrote the exposé on the practice of companies asking designers at interview to do a free project for them, I never expected it would receive the attention it did. The article has since

A senior designer, sitting in a sunlit midtown office, knows her interview is going well. She can feel it. Her portfolio is appealing to the interviewers who have pored over it. She has talked them t

Processes within the fashion industry are inefficient, Ivan Herjavec says, general manager at the wholesale platform Buying Show ( Structures and processes that are outdated n

The Apple Watch may already have the support of millions of Apple fans around the world, as well as wearable technology enthusiasts and electronic lovers in general, but in order to truly become the

“Twenty years ago I started what I thought would be a small adventure, which ended up becoming a company. The beauty adventure is a natural extension for someone like me, who likes to empower w