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Westfield London’s Future Fashion winners reveal commissioned work in exhibit

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Westfield London

London-based retail park Westfield has announced the six winners of its Future Fashion competition through a commissioned showcase at the shopping centre.

In collaboration with the Royal College of Art, selected finalists were commissioned 2,000 pounds to complete their work and exhibit it through one of the eight windows along the Silver Walk. Each display highlighted the message and artistic media selected by the individual finalist, with judges originating from established brands such as John Lewis and Emily Carter London.

Finalists represented six different skills, including graphics, illustration, jewellery, photography, sculpture and textile.

“We are so pleased we’re able to provide emerging talent from the local community a platform to have their work not only commissioned, but exhibited here at Wesfield London,” said Harita Shah, marketing director UK and creative, media, events and brand Europe at Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield (URW), in a statement.

Image: Westfield London

She continued: “Shining a light on the designers’ passion for sustainability in fashion, this competition also aims to incentivise consumers to adopt more sustainable habits whilst highlighting our commitment to embedding sustainabl and community-driven initiatives across our centres. Well done to all those that entered and to the six winners of the different mediums.”

Finalists each highlighted various issues within the fashion industry and society in terms of sustainability. For example, for the jewellery sector, Alice Moxley presented her ‘Building and sustaining opportunities’ design, offering a proposal to work with makers experiencing homelessness on a sustainable capsule that provides long-term opportunities.

Additionally, Meredith Wood, who won in the sculpture division, aimed to raise awareness for plastic usage in fashion, while Bea Brücker displayed biofashion as a political movement. Other winners included Brand Conscience Ltd for graphics, Elyse Blackshaw in illustration and photography by Svetlana Talanova.

Image: Westfield London
Image: Westfield London
Image: Westfield London
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