We are a $12 billion apparel, footwear and accessories powerhouse.

VF’s success starts with our family of powerful brands whose very names reflect the pride and foundation of our company. Our brands enrich consumers’ lives, help them express their individuality and push them to the boundaries of what’s possible.

We support these brands with powerful business platforms that help us maintain our competitive edge. Our more than 60,000 employees around the world leverage these platforms across the company to share best practices, enable our success and strengthen our brands.

This close relationship between powerful brands and powerful platforms plays out within a company culture that combines creativity, operational excellence and financial discipline.

It’s a collaborative culture that defines who we are and how we work. It’s a culture we call One VF.


Organized in 1899, VF Corporation is a global leader in the design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of branded lifestyle apparel, footwear and accessories. The company's highly diversified portfolio of iconic brands spans multiple geographies, product categories, consumer demographics and sales channels. VF relies on its Powerful Brands, Powerful Platforms, One VF approach to business to support its brands, maintain a competitive edge and drive a winning company culture. 

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VF Global


owned Retail Stores
associates around the world
170 countries
where we operate
donated to community causes through the VF Foundation
2016 revenues
World’s largest
maker of denim
World's #1
producer of backpacks
6 distribution centers
around EMEA
owned retail stores
associates around EMEA
200 cities
where we operate


VF encourages a culture of openness and respect and VF in the UK encompasses everything that VF stands for. We have over 20 different nationalities within VF UK and embrace different cultures within our multi-national environment.


VF has two main offices in the UK, based in Nottingham. Our head office is based in the rural village of Calverton, just north of Nottingham and our newest offices, The Curve, is based in Nottingham City Centre. We also have brand showrooms in Slough, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cornwall and the Lake District.

VF Calverton – Started life as a Wrangler Factory over 40 years ago. Over the years it has grown, developed and been refurbished and is now the hub for the European Credit Department, the head office shared services functions and still provides samples for the UK from it’s warehouse. The offices have recently been refurbished, providing a modern, open environment for our associates. There is a great subsidized café on site, as well as some shops within walking distance of the offices. The village of Calverton is rural with some nice walks, good pubs and a great village feel.

VF Nottingham (The Curve) – Opened in 2014, the Curve is the centre of excellence for VF European Customer Service, wholesale and e-commerce. The building is new, fresh, open and a modern place to work with its full length glass windows and open plan environment. It has a fantastic subsidized café, a free pool table and is right next to the canal with lovely walks and views of the famous Nottingham castle. The office is 1 mile from the city centre, with great bus and tram links.


Learn more about the main growth areas for our brands and find out where your career would best fit.


Credit Control

Aurelie Boudraoui - Credit Controller

VF has a reputation for being a fun and lively company to work for. “We all come to work in jeans — even the Credit Director wears jeans. It’s a pretty flexible atmosphere,” she says. “The approximately 200 associates in the Credit Control Department are top-notch people, who, despite the easy environment, take their work very seriously. There is no doubt about the importance of reaching our goals.”

Aurelie loves being in the middle of a completely international group of people. “You meet so many different people from different cultures – French, Swiss, German, Polish, Dutch, Spanish, Irish, Italian — and they all make a real effort to be helpful and welcoming,” she says. “VF is like one big family — we all look after each other. There is always somebody willing to take the time to answer your questions or help you find the information you need. The support is awesome and I am constantly learning something new.”

As far as Aurelie is concerned, the secret to success in VF is taking up opportunities to learn and grow, while building great relationships with those around you. She says, “It’s the go-getter that gets things done.”

Maneesha Nellamkuzhil - Credit Controller, Nottingham

VF relocated Maneesha from Scotland to the Nottingham office in the UK. “They made it all so easy. They have a focal point who deals with relocations,” Maneesha explains. “She sent me maps and advised me about everything, such as doctors and banks, and VF also provided financial help. When I arrived in Nottingham, I stayed at a good hotel until I could find a flat to move into. The focal point gave me a list of suitable flats to view and my team leader was very understanding about me having to go during working hours.”

When she started at VF, Maneesha was quite apprehensive because she didn’t think she was any good at accounting. “I realise now how unnecessary fear was because they trained me to work with the entire system before I actually moved on. I started at Vans and then moved over to Timberland. Being a credit controller involves a wide range of tasks and it is never boring. I am so proud to be working with a big, growing brand.”

Maneesha is overawed by all the support that is available within VF. “There is never an excuse to give up because there is always someone around who is willing to help you,” she says. “The team is so well-equipped; and our managers and VP are so normal. They speak to us as equals and are totally down to earth. I have learnt so much in the 14 months since I joined the company and I look forward to learning more every day.”

Customer Service

Kai Marx, Wholesale Customer Service Representative for Timberland DACH

Kai says that he has been given valuable opportunities to develop his skills and grow personally. “VF is a company that hires people who fit in with the culture of the organisation, while providing you will any training, mentoring and assistance that you need along the way. I have a wonderful team leader whose door is always open for me to ask for help.”

Moving to Nottingham was unexpectedly easy for Kai. “The company took care of everything,” he explains. “After finding out what I had in mind, they sent me a list of houses to view and it wasn’t long before I had settled into a charming house in the country with my husband and our two Jack Russell Terriers. They also provided an additional month’s salary to cover incidental moving expenses.”

Ettore Varotto — Customer service Representative

He is responsible for customer service for jeanswear in Italy, but also supports Spain. “I am also being involved in other projects,” he says. “The company is huge, which gives one infinite possibilities. It’s up to you to achieve what is possible.”

The wide range of nationalities and levels of education is one of VF’s great attractions. “The diversity is incredible,” he says. “You meet people from everywhere, not just here, in all VF’s offices.”

With 10 years of experience behind him, Ettore is able to judge the calibre of VF’s leaders quite well. “They take care of people more than a lot of other companies,” he says. “There is constant support. My manager, is always helping me with every single thing I need. You can’t know everything, so when you have questions he will help me, if he doesn’t he knows where to address me”

He is quick to remind one that, while VF give its people all the tools they need to develop their careers, they also make sure that people have good benefits. “The relocation package was very good,” he explains. “The salaries are on par with the top companies in the industry, health insurance covers a lot and staff get discounts on all brands. I am so sure about my future with VF that I am buying a house here in Nottingham.”

Silje Nybråten Langerud — Customer Service Representative, UK

VF people come from all over the world to create a wonderful mix of collaboration, tolerance and pride. “I think people truly enjoy working here because we are entrusted with responsibilities that challenge us in a good way and because it is a casual yet professional working environment. I got my own key account quite early, and such responsibility is very motivating. At the same time, you can always feel safe that you have someone to ask if you need help and guidance.”

As an outdoor lifestyle brand, Timberland has a big focus on sustainability, Silje explains. “Timberland pays all its employees for 40 hours’ volunteer work every year. This Earth Day they helped Mansfield Community Rangers in Nottinghamshire. It is a project that has been running for years and relies heavily on volunteers to help transform an old abandoned coal mining site around the Mansfield area into woodlands. “I’m proud of working for a brand and company that focus so strongly on ethics and sustainability,” she says.

District Management

James Kelly - TNF District Manager

“I love my job because it encompasses so many things that make getting up in the morning a joy,” James says. “Working with people really does it for me. It’s my job to motivate them to do better every day; and to provide the kind of environment that makes their experience more enjoyable. If people are happy at work they will succeed.”

The question of who motivates the motivators often arises. “I have sat in presentations by some of our top VF executives, who are visionaries and have the ability to inspire incredible loyalty,” James says. “They create a desire, dedication and commitment that helps people buy into their vision. If someone fails to leave these kinds of presentations inspired, they have a problem.”

The huge number of opportunities available to people within VF is a major drawcard for most associates. “It is really important to know what you want from your career and where you want to go to achieve it,” James says. “That’s why I have always had a five-year plan for my career. I chart where I want to go. You can’t wait for other people to look after your career, you have to do it yourself. If you wait for conditions to go from good to perfect, you will wait forever.”


For us, sustainability isn’t just about doing what’s right for people and the planet, it’s also good business. Our sustainability platform creates tangible value by serving as the catalyst for identifying new opportunities, reducing and managing risks and lowering our costs.

Our goal is to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 5% (a reduction equivalent to preventing 1.7 million gallons of gasoline combustion).

Our three focus areas in all processes from manufacturing to shipping and selling our products are:

  • Energy and climate
  • Water
  • Waste

Find out more about our Sustainability progress in our Annual Report and catch a glimpse watching this video.


Nottingham itself is famous around the world as the setting for Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest where Robin Hood lived with his band of merry men! It also has many historic buildings and sites including Nottingham Castle and has great shops, restaurants, bars, night life, concerts and shows.

The city is right in the middle of the UK so is the perfect location for great days out. The Peak District, an area of outstanding natural beauty, is right on your doorstep and a short drive can get you to the vibrant city of Manchester and Birmingham or to the historic Lincoln. You can even get to one of the UK’s great seaside resorts in about 1 hour. There are plenty of opportunities for walking, climbing, running, water sports plus other outdoor pursuits.

The public transport links are great, trains to London take 1½ hours and the tram and bus links around the city are modern and fast.

For associates with families, there are numerous great schools to choose from and the city is very family friendly…they even have a beach in the city centre during the summer. Associates can choose to live in the vibrant city or opt for a more relaxed, laid back, rural living.

More informations on Nottinghamshire and surroundings can be found at Experience Notthinghamshire or Nottingham Local.


VF’s ability to have an amazing impact on people is driven from its belief and respect for employees. We believe the key to our success lies in empowering our highly diverse staff across the globe. And you will feel it at any level, whether you’re looking an internship role or you are an experienced professional.

You would also notice that our retail business is growing steadily, therefore we have a lot of opportunities to join our store floors across Europe. Our expanding efforts to serve consumers directly are more than a key VF growth driver: through our owned stores and global e-commerce platforms, we reach consumers across multiple channels to create a seamless shopping experience.


1. Online Application
Submit your online application for consideration. Use this quick guide for step-by- step information on successfully submitting your application.

2. Initial interview:
An informal discussion with a HR Representative, where we will discuss your current situation, qualifications and work history. We may ask you to give examples of your accomplishments or competencies related to the role you’re applying for. We’ll give you further details about the position and department: after all, the job has to be right for you and fit in with your aspirations. We see this as a two-way process, and by getting to know you (and vice versa) we can start to envisage how we’ll fit together.

3. Final interview:
This will be a face to face meeting with the relevant stakeholders and a HR representative. This is a great opportunity for you to get a glimpse of our working environment (particularly how it looks and feels) and for us to familiarize ourselves with your profile and motives for applying.

4. Offer


* Please note that the recruitment process can vary depending on the position you’re applying for.


There are lots of great opportunities within VF in the UK. Our two main offices in Nottinghamshire offer a variety of roles from warehouse operatives, IT, HR, administration to customer service representatives and credit controllers. We recruit the latter roles across several different languages including German, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Portuguese. So expect a highly diverse and multi-cultural environment!

We also have further opportunities within our sales and marketing teams, that are based UK wide with roles ranging from visual merchandisers, sales representatives, sales and marketing managers and country managers.

With our 90+ retail stores across the UK, VF also offer job opportunities for sales associates, supervisors, store and district managers.

Please see below to apply to our latest vacancies

VF has the following opportunities to fill:


Our expanding efforts to serve consumers directly are more than key growth driver. It requires focus, discipline and data-driven decision-making complemented with an engaging brand storytelling. This captures the essence of the inspirational lifestyles and attitude our brands represent. The main goals of our retail business across the world are:

  • Continuously driving the store performance and be benchmark in retail
  • Opening new full price- and outlet stores in the right locations that match the brands vision
  • Deliver a unique in-store experience for our customers and develop long-term relationships

In the retail stores, we want to provide a shopping environment that engages the customer. Our full price business incarnates a full line product visualization, interacts with consumers through different approaches and always stays on track in terms of innovation.


Our Retail Business is constantly expanding and the strategy of VF is to provide a retail excellence. We want to improve our engagement with customers to make them desire our brands and products and encourage them to purchase and build a relation ship.

We want to improve all direct channels to the consumer in terms of productivity with operational discipline and enhance the digital capabilities that provide customers a seamless commerce.


VF Retail Global
owned Retail Stores
In 30 Countries
11 Brands
in Retail
$2.8 B
turnover in 2016
VF Retail EMEA
owned Retail Stores
In 13 Countries
7 Brands
In retail
1.4 million

Retail is also branded by special events in Europe. VF always tries to deliver a unique experience and combine it with the brand philosophy. In London, VF has established the House of Vans which is a famous skate park for enthusiast and skating heads. It is the embodiment of Vans and the Skate culture.

In one the North Face stores in London, we integrated a cooling chamber. Thus people were able to test the jackets and other products in terms of protector for the frostiness.

House of VANS London


Working in retail means be passionate about what you are doing and stay close to the needs and preferences of our customers. Our retail environment is driven by a fast changing business and a the digital development. There is no business that is such affected by the digital side as it is the retail.

Meritocracy for VF Corporation, Kipling Store Manager

At VF we don´t consider ecommerce as something which is negative for our business but as a chance to drive our performance and provide a seamless Omni channel experience to the customers. For this reason we developed our recruiting strategy into an digital candidate experience which means that we created certain tools that underline the digital environment of retail. After a successful recruiting we are going to build a workforce, which is:

  • Capable of being channel agnostic
  • Capable of understanding technology trends
  • Able to see the potential of a career in retail
  • Capable of feeling engaged

Across Europe we are working with “Sales Pads” that supports the employees and helping to combine different channels to match the customers expectations. Engagement is one of the most important topic in retail. Thus we are always trying to set new initiatives such as the “Conversion Olympics” which was the biggest project at VF. Its goal was to engage and motivate the employees and at the same time generating ideas out of the heads of our retail experts in store.


Be part of our unique store management culture. At VF our store manager have the chance to participate in European retail meetings and network with other store manager across Europe. For instance in 2016, the Lee retail meeting was held in Greece. In 2017 our Vans retail summit was hosted in Palma de Mallorca and was full of surprises. Nobody else than Steve van Doren visited the retail management during the summit in Palma. Steve, whose father had co-founded the company more than 50 years ago, works almost his whole life for Vans and is the spirit behind the skate culture.


Meritocracy for VF Corporation, The North Face Store Manager


One of VF´s key objectives is to create awareness of the opportunity to develop a career in retail. On account of this we have created a unique training and development culture for our employees in retail. To provide an compelling career does not mean to undergo your career through a “ladder” on which you can only take the next steps, if is not occupied. It means that we give you a stewardship for your entire journey. We help you to develop different skills within your job profile and support you to get mandatory skills for the next steps. There is no ladder but a Retail Gym where you can choose your way and set your pace whether it is a the next position or growing into a head office position. It does not depend on which position you start, whether it is a temporary worker or Supervisor, you will always have the opportunity to develop your career. Click here to find out more about our Retail Gym


Within our HR – Retail culture we are always working on new projects which help us to find the best fit for our stores as well as giving you the chance to start your career in retail.

Two of these programs are:

Vfit (UK)

In these days, young people are three times more likely to be unemployed. For this reason VF and “Creative Learning” have partnered to create an innovative employment initiative to address this social challenge. The Vfit program supports young people into education, enterprise and employment. It offers coaching and mentoring and support to accelerate communication and critical thinking skills and to develop resilience. A great feature for the participants is that this program provides access to employment opportunities through VF Corporation which support ambitious career pathways and achievement.

Manchester Vfit Programme
Apprenticeship Program (Germany)

Are you ready to take the ownership of your future?

School can give you first insights of the work life but now it’s time for you to join the game. In 2017, we pilot our apprenticeship program in Germany. An apprenticeship at VF offers the opportunity to work in one of the stores across the country for one of our fabulous brands like The North Face, Vans or Timberland. Within the program you will gain knowledge about how to sell a product but also the technology of the product, visual merchandising in the store or building a customer relationship. If you want to find yourself in a sustainable career path, VF offers you a lot of choices. Click here and have a look at current openings.