Megan Morgante, a current student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City has designed and founded Noemi Magazine in 2019. Noemi Magazine is a bi-annual fashion publication that strives to showcase every type of individual, celebrating pure beauty and intelligence. Source: Video by FIT, […]

Net-A-Porter's "Face to Face" series allows fashion celebrities to interview themselves. A rare occasion for them I'm sure. On this edition, Donatella Versce asks herself some revealing questions that fans and fellow fashionistas want to know. The formidable Italian designer reflects on success, sustainability, […]

Two designers, living together, in New York City. Yes the appartment is as wonderful as it sounds. New York Magazine took a look inside fashion-players Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan’s home and it's amazing design. Source: Video by New York Magazine, YouTube

Last week, fashion platform ShowStudio brought us Stella Lucia modelling for a live photoshoot directed by Rottingdean Bazaar's James Theseus Buck and Luke Brooks. The shoot incorporates content-aware scaling- a photoshop hack destabilized by meme makers across the globe to create fantastical and bizarre […]

The Nike Victory Swim collection has been developed so that athletes have all the freedom of movement they have with other swimsuits, but the body remains covered. The collection consists of the Full-Coverage Swimsuit, Swim Hijab, Swim Tunic top and Swim leggings, according to the press release. The […]

On Victoria Beckham's relatively recently founded YouTube channel, the former spice girl and designer answers some questions that fans might be curious about. The questions asked are actually the most google questions about the british star. Video: Victoria Beckham, YouTube

""You have to learn software to create something new, but it gives you a lot more creativity," says Amber Jae Slooten of the digital fashion house The Fabricant about digital design. "You can design anything you want with any material. Maybe you want to make a dress out of water. In the digital world […]

The Belgian-French designer Marine Serre, winner of the 2017 LVMH price, shows in a video how her 'regenerated denim' is made. Serre is best known for its sportswear with Islamic influences. in the form of color and motifs. A typical handmade design from her is the Crescent print. Source: Video by Giulia […]

Sports giant Reebok has again developed a durable sneaker. The company claims to have developed the first 'vegetable' running shoe. The 'Forever Floatride Grow' sneaker is, according to the company, 'the latest example of Reebok's efforts to reduce the use of petroleum-based plastics in shoes'. Source: […]

Bonnie Takhar, former CEO of Charlotte Olympia, talks about how the idea for its e-commerce platform LetsBab was created ten years ago. LetsBab was launched earlier this year in the UK and the US. Via the app you can recommend your fashion, beauty and lifestyle products to friends and family. You can […]

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