This knitwear brand is reusing dog hair to create fashion. Founder Jeannie Sanke creates handmade items including sweaters, gloves and shawls out of client's discarded dog fur that are clean and itch-free. Items caan take up a month to be produced depending on fur type and item requested by shoppers. […]

H&M Foundation explains the impact and importance of it's Global Change Award program through the words of past winners. These young fashion players are recognized by this award and given the tool to accelerate their careers and innovative ideas in making the industry more sustainable. Source: H&M […]

Bershka's cult collection collaborated on with Billie Eilish went on sale this week and Gen Z is eating it up. The 17-year old American singer/song writer lent her oversized, dark and monochome style to the Spanish brand for Billie x Bershka. Source: Bershka, YouTube.

In "Ready or Not," Samara Weaving plays a young bride who is forced to participate in a deadly game of hide and seek with her new husband's family. And she does this all while wearing her wedding dress, which goes through some drastic changes throughout the film. While the audience seems to see just […]

Black and white are the colours of Chanel. For the Fall / Winter 2019, Global Creative Makeup and Colour Designer, Lucia Pica explores the house’s strongest code made iconic by Mademoiselle herself. Source: Chanel, YouTube.

Uniqlo presents its' LifeWear magazine "New Form Follows Function" for Fall / Winter 2019. Source: Uniqlo, YouTube.

Nick Knight captures Dutch designer Duran Lantink’s reconstructed clothing in this innovative fashion film! In a response to overconsumption, Lantink approaches fashion with a mend and make-do attitude, splicing together deadstock or what would be discarded garments to create exciting, new designs. […]

An American model achieved her success after moving to Milan.In her first runway season, she booked 25 shows in the 1991 Paris Fashion Week. In 2003, Banks created and began presenting the long-running reality television series America's Next Top Model. Source: Runway Collection, YouTube.

Inspired by the Maison Margiela Artisanal A/W 18 collection, Nick Knight creates a whole new world for Galliano's nomadic visions. The fashion film, entitled Squidge, sees Molly Bair and Adesuwa Aighewi showcase the collection's plump and voluminous looks in a real yet abstract space. Source: ShowStudio, […]

Copenhagen Fashion Week's show with Boozt for Spring / Summer 2020. Source: Copenhagen Fashion Week, YouTube.

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