Designer and social influencer Luther Curtis Kidd, aka Creating Odessa, transforms Nike Air Force 1 sneakers using everyday items. The designer, who lives in Texas, uses everything from a loaf of bread to playing cards to create his unique designs. Having just created his first design in February 2020, […]

Menswear designers Nicholas Daley, Priya Ahluwalia, Stefan Cooke, and womenswear designers Richard Malone and Matty Bovan are redefining London Fashion Week. In this video, these designers agreed to a video call with ShowStudio to discuss their individual creative approaches to collections, whether […]

Following the events that occurred after George Floyd was killed after being arrested by four Minneapolis police officers on May 25th, fashion brands have also begun to raise their voices in support. One such brand is American sportswear giant Nike, who in the YouTube posting contradicted its own motto […]

The 'About Time: Fashion and Duration' exhibition would take place in 2020 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The pandemic threw a spanner in the works. The Gala had to be cancelled, but an online event took place on the evening of May 4th, through Vogue’s YouTube channel. Because people […]

A table made from recycled tights? It sounds like a joke, but legwear brand Swedish Stockings really did. You can see how they did that in the video below. Source: Swedish Stockings, via Youtube.

In 1960, when Doc Martens first appeared in the UK, the iconic boots only set shoppers back 3 dollars. Today, the England-born shoes that were once so cheap could now set you back 225 dollars. Business Insider shares what changed by looking at today's production of the Doc Martens and why they are now […]

At one point, shoe brand Toms was valued at 625 million dollars. Today however, the company is struggling with massive debt. Founded by Blake Mycoskie, the Toms mission was to give back with its' "One for One" donation model. Business Insider looks into what went wrong with Toms and analyses why it […]

Co-founder and Creative Director of The Fabricant in Amsterdam, Amber Jae Slooten shares with sustainable fashion watchdog Fashion for Good the link between digital design and fashion. Slooten also discusses her opinion on the larger role digital design is going to have to take on in the near future […]

Schiaparelli has published a documentary in which Daniel Rosenberry, the new creative director of the house, tells us about his first year in charge of the design of the house. Rosenberry shares his vision and way of creating, while letting us see and meet the team that helps his ideas take shape and […]

Content creators Ashley Ballard, Coco Bassey, and Lucie Fink — who know the ins and outs of YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok — share how to create content from home in a time when digital connection is more important than ever. They tell us how their jobs have changed during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, […]

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