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FHCM continues to support and inform businesses

By FashionUnited

15 May 2020


The Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode (FHCM) continues to provide support to the public and businesses within the fashion world, including up-to-date and accurate information surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic as the situation develops. These updates can be found on the FHCM website

Recently it has been announced that there has been a cessation of specific french administrative deadlines until the end of the state of national emergency. Following the legislative developments, on May 5th FHCM provided information on the current stats for vulnerable employees and how partial activity will affect business. Partial activity refers to a period of reduced work hours and aims to ease the transition of vulnerable people in their return to work.

FHCM have liaised with the Ministere du Travail, to provide information to those who may be confused about their working situation. As of May 5th, plans have begun to develop on how those who are currently experiencing work stoppage.

FHCM is also in communications with the French government and is sharing updates from Legifrance, (the official website of the French government for the publication of legislation), and provides information about who is considered vulnerable and how these legislations will affect individuals. In addition to this, FHCM also provides an outline of how transport will continue in the Ile de France region.

To learn more about partial activity, transport, and how FHCM is providing support and information, head to the FHCM's website.

Photo credit: Unsplash