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Fashionable getaway: Escada presents their holiday collection in The Pillow Maurits hotel in Amsterdam

By Sponsor

24 Nov 2022


Image: The Pillows x Escada

Christmas is just around the corner – and with it comes a time of reflection, of romance and special occasions.

Just the right season for our ESCADA customer to pack her bags and travel with her loved ones to a romantic location to unwind and enjoy life to the fullest. This time the journey takes her to Amsterdam, the city of picturesque canals.

What would fit better to the ESCADA collection than the recently opened Pillows Hotel – a place where design, architecture, and heritage meet. Located in an old university faculty, the hotel carries on a long history, just like the luxury brand ESCADA itself.

During the festive season, The Pillows becomes the perfect place to celebrate the new ESCADA collection.

The Pillows is located right in the heart of Amsterdam, an institution of its own, where you can take the opportunity to enjoy good food in two stylish, in-house restaurants and celebrate special moments at the hotel’s romantic bar. The rooms will exceed your expectations, representing an ideal setting for the ESCADA Holiday collection.

Image: The Pillows x Escada

We had the opportunity to stage our models in this one-of-a-kind hotel and invite you to join us on this journey. Relax in the stylishly furnished "Living Room", or stroll through the building's venerable corridors, equipped with modern art to discover.

The ESCADA collection shines in its usual high quality, with unique cuts. The collection's highlights include gowns with pearl embroidery for a majestic, spectacular appearance. Silk blouses and skirts with fancy details are the ideal companions to enjoy a drink at the in-house bar – unique holidays with ESCADA are promised!

Enjoy the ESCADA Collection and unwind to the fullest with ESCADA and the Pillows.

Image: The Pillows x Escada
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