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60 seconds with...Tim Johnson

By FashionUnited


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Tim Johnson, Director, Visualsoft eCommerce “I've always been interested in

the web since doing Business IT at university, I got into eBay and SEO in the early days (around 10 years ago) before it was saturated and having graduated and gone straight into an online advertising position I got the bug. After several successful years/steps up the ladder I was head hunted by Visualsoft and have been here ever since”.


University of Teesside, Business IT


Being a key factor in the success of Visualsoft, during my time here we've grown from a handful of clients to 400+ and established ourselves as a major player within the eCommerce sector (we've grown from a small team to now 70 UK staff).

Successfully set up other ventures including Goofbay which is now one of eBay's largest affiliates with 10'000's of users each day (a ground breaking site which has won numerous awards including Digital Innovator of the Year).

Currently working on

Lots of exciting new eCommerce Fashion projects (due to launch in the coming months) - watch this space!


To take over the world! (well the world of eCommerce)

60 seconds
60 secs with
Tim Johnson