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60 seconds with...Yvonne Mandel

By FashionUnited


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Yvonne Mandel, London Kreativ, Kamkyl. “The job in a fashion start-up

is perhaps the best education I could get”

“With a back ground in Liberal Arts & Interior Design I progressed to fashion easily when my husband and I started our own Fashion company, designing our own label Kamkyl Men's Collection and private label for companies such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Club Monaco”. There began my own independent education, on the job in a fashion start up is perhaps the best education I could get. I was thrown in at the deep end learning everything from product development, creative design, marketing, fashion show production, merchandising and retail to every day management.

Launched, designed and managed Kamkyl Menswear Collection, catering for Private Label clients; Saks Fifth Avenue, Club Monaco, Gault Hotel, London Fog, Report Collection.

Best Mens Collection for Kamkyl Kreativ awarded at the Canada Design Export Awards 2005

Currently working on
As the creator and writer of London Kreativ blog, a trend and lifestyle blog.

On the research and development for Kamkyl. Having closed our fashion label a few years ago I am looking to restart the label. The product remains relevant and opportunities realized via social networking, economical web hosting, on - line retail which were not readily available or as economical at that time now are. So a re-incarnating a fascinating and exciting prospect

To continue with the 2 projects above. Firstly building a foundation of content for my blog which is relevant and helpful to other people involved in the fashion industry. Secondly to build Kamkyl organically via specialist boutiques and on-line retail.

Angela González-Rodríguez

60 seconds
60 secs with
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Yvonne Mandel