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60 seconds with...Vanessa Austin Locke

By FashionUnited


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Vanessa Austin Locke, Web Editor and Social Media Manager

at Brighton Fashion Week

“I was initially introduced into the industry as a fashion model, but I wanted to be a writer and so I moved into that side of things. I’m interested by the anthropology of fashion; in how we make ourselves into works of art and express our beliefs, values, anger and grief through how we present ourselves.


Steiner educated initially, MA in Writing & Authorship from the University of Sussex.


My greatest achievements are my friends, family and garden, closely followed by some of the poetry I’ve had published.

Currently working on

Features Writer and Fashion Correspondent – 125 Magazine and Spindle Magazine, Fashion Columnist – Sussex Life

Amongst other things I’m working on securing headline sponsorship for Brighton Fashion Week and I’m working with disadvantaged young people on developing careers in the industry.

I think it’s really important that, wherever you are in your career, you recognize that there are folks ahead of you and folks coming up behind, and it’s your responsibility to learn from the former and take the latter under your wing, to secure the health of your industry. So this part of my work is very important to me.


My ultimate goals are to write fiction and poetry, teach yoga and marry the love of my life.

In the meantime I’m constantly working towards a variety of smaller goals, whether it’s writing a feature, developing business strategies, pushing my body through physical barriers of strength and stamina as a runner and yogi or helping someone who’s been bruised and broken to get on their feet and bloom.

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Vanessa Austin Locke