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Alexander McQueen documentary

By FashionUnited


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McQueen and I, a new documentary about the relationship between Isabella Blow and Alexander

McQueen, will be shown on Friday on Channel 4 More4.

Apparently the film contains interviews with Lee McQueen’s brother Michael, his former design assistant Catherine Brickhill, and top figures from Givenchy where he worked for a few years.

But according to early reports, there are some pretty candid interviews. Former head Givenchy publicist Eric Lanuit is captured in the documentary saying: ‘The press officer’s role is also to be a nanny. McQueen would call to ask for certain ‘vitamin substances’ to help him stay up all night and through the day of a fashion show. I’m not talking about vitamin C, I am talking about cocaine.’

In a touching section, McQueen's brother shows filmmakers around the house where the family grew up and said 'It was three boys all in one bedroom. You could see the birds flying around the top there. If you see Lee’s shows there was a lot of feathers and birds going on. That is where Lee got a lot of his ideas.'

The documentary will air on Friday at 9pm.

Source: Grazia Daily

Alexander McQueen