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Bira Bank records first 1 million pound turnover

28 Apr 2014

Bira Bank, owned by the British Independent Retailers Association, has celebrated its first

1 million pound turnover month in March 2014, a 76 percent increase on March 2013.

The bank, which provides a specialist service aimed at supporting and enabling independent retailers’ businesses to grow and develop, contributes the growth to a “surge” in member enquiries across the full range of products for both business and personal requirements.

John Collins, managing director of Bira Bank, said: “We’re extremely proud to reach this milestone in turnover. Not only does it signify growing awareness of the bank but much more importantly we are seeing the first signs that members are becoming more confident and choosing to invest in their future."

Bira Bank is the only trade association owned bank in the UK.

Bira Bank
British Independent Retailers Association