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Bosideng continues to invest in Europe

7 Mar 2014

Chinese down and menswear retailer Bosideng has launched its new collection Bosideng Plus Zero, which taps

into what the Chinese apparel giant knows best: making warm winter jackets. Bosideng Plus Zero is headquartered in Rome and has been designed in Italy and produced in China.

The move confirms that the brand is in Europe to stay as the new collection, which will be available in 80 stores, does not target home markets but European markets with particularly Germany and Italy as key ones but also The Netherlands, Denmark, Austria and Switzerland. The brand is also preparing its arrival in France and the UK.

Items in the new Bosideng Plus Zero collection are priced between 90 and 160 euros. The upcoming Autumn/Winter 2014-/15 collection will include 73 pieces ranging from basic to elaborate, the latter thus upping the price range from 119 to up to 500 euros. Planned are 15 models that will incorporate Chinese cuts.

Bosideng’s European reach started in mid-2012 when the company opened a five-story flagshipstore cum brand headquarters on London’s South Molton Street. The store features the Bosideng Man London collection in addition to the brand’s men’s and women’s ready-to-wear collections. In China, companies like Bosideng are exactly what the country needs to change its image for “Made in China” products as being cheap and less innovative to those of quality and sophistication.