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Burlington to use wool for performance fabric


Merino wool has long been associated as one of the luxury wool categories,

sometimes surpassing the cost of cashmere. Used mainly for knitwear, one supplier has developed it as a technical fabric for performance wear, which could soon grow into an entire new fabric and retail category.

Burlington, which is part of the International Textile Group, is launching a Merino FX collection suitable for outerwear fabrics and performance wear.

According to Just-Style, the collection features 100 percent merino and merino blended wools in various weights and constructions.

Merino wool's appeal comes from the fact that it naturally regulates temperature and excels in insulating the body against the heat, as well as the cold, said Just-Style.

Tom Aubrey, product development manager for Burlington, noted: "The very thing that makes wool warm in winter makes it cool in summer, and the natural give and elasticity of wool fibres yields to the body's movement, making them incredibly comfortable, wrinkle resistant and longwearing - a perfect complement for outdoor lifestyles."

Aubrey also pointed out the sustainability of wool. "It is 100 percent biodegradable and is incredibly durable due to its crisp, compact structure that far outlasts many synthetic fibres," he added.

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