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Fashion Revolution Day for Rana Plaza

By FashionUnited


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Fashionistas worldwide will have a chance to show their commitment to responsibly and fair produced

 clothing tomorrow, Thursday, 24th April 2014. The global Fashion Revolution Day initiative invites participants to wear their clothing inside out for one day so that everyone can see via the attached labels where a piece of clothing has been made.

Following the question “Who made your clothes?”, across the UK from London to Manchester and the Somerset House to the House of Lords, there will be events on 24th April 2014 like fashion shows, discussions, film screenings, knitting evenings, school quizzes and fash mobs involving those who care about their clothes and who made them. In the United States, similar events will take place in locations from New York and California to Texas and Massachusetts.

On 24th April 2013, 1.133 garment workers died in one of the worst industrial disasters when the Rana Plaza building in Dhaka, Bangladesh collapsed. It housed five garment factories producing clothes for international brands and retailers. More than 2.500 garment workers were injured.

Fashion Revolution Day
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