The Cambridge Satchel Company has received a 21 million dollars cash

injection from the financial backers of fashion success stories such as Asos, Moleskine, Net-a-Porter and Nasty Gal.

"Their work with inspirational companies like Moleskine, Asos, Net-a-Porter and Nasty Gal, shows why they are the best-placed investors by far to help us navigate this fast-moving and ever-changing space, as we take The Cambridge Satchel Company into new markets and expand our global digital presence," said founder of the coveted handbags company.

Advocating for the Made-in-Britain worldwide, The Cambridge Satchel Company was created in 2008 by Julie Deane and her mother Freda Thomas. Today, The Cambridge Satchel Company has over 100 employees and sells to more than 100 countries.

Deane remains at the reins of the company, planning to put the investment to work towards a further strengthening of her management team and the recruitment of digital specialists to boost the company's profile. "Digital is at the heart of everything we do, which is why we are so excited to be entering into this partnership with Index, who have no equals in the digital arena," said Deane.

Index Ventures cash injection will help the company to gain and reinforce its international footprint, entering new markets including China, and more deeply into existing ones such as the US.

Giuseppe Zocco, co-founder and partner at Index Ventures, added: "The continuing rise of The Cambridge Satchel Company is one of Europe's most exciting entrepreneurial stories. With vision and determination, Julie turned a boot-strapped company, born without resources or support, into one that is so fearlessly taking on the world.

"At Index, we have no doubt that she has the ambition to continue to develop The Cambridge Satchel Company as a world-renowned brand. We are delighted that she has chosen us to help support her in that exciting mission," he said.


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